The Forest Clearing of Context

Don't forget to read the IntroductionPart I , and Part II, and Part III before this chapter of the Journey. 

After a long day of walking through the thick forest, the She-Elf guides you into a hidden clearing in the woods. The fresh and open glade appears like a grassy meadow under the canopy of tall trees around you. The evening light filters into the glade and over the branches covered with the autumn leaves. The tribe stays with you. You take a deep breath as a greeting to mother nature. Let the mission begin.

The She-Elf moves her arms in circles until your items float away from you and stay still under the columns of light. The stones of Personality are still hanging on your necks. The She-Elf starts speaking again. She summons you with her hands towards the center of the circle. 

“You now understand some things, my warriors. You know there are some aspects that lie within you, like traits or tendencies that are hard to change and even difficult to tame sometimes. You also know that a big part of you does not depend on your nature but on the way you were raised and how others expected you to be following the rules and symbols of your culture. You also know there are ways to build new identities and cultures that make you feel free being your true self. 

And now, here we are. In the place where others will see everything that made you in action: Context and Situations.

Our style of behavior is how we present ourselves to the world. It is how we make decisions and face interactions. It is your own mixture of nature and culture. 

The task is easy: You need to get your item back in order to move on. But first, tell me in which number you feel more represented when you usually face different situations and send you answers to the Tavern if you wish (Insta, Facebook, [email protected]):

  1. Do you think your determination and insistence gets you real results? Do you come across as dominant and forceful? Do you think that it is more important to get things right than making everyone happy?

  2. Do you tend to be impulsive, emotional and cheerful? Do you think you have an adventurous spirit? Are you outgoing and sociable? Are you positive and optimistic? Do you love listening to stories from new people and telling them yours?

  3. Do you consider yourself patient and even-tempered? Do you tend to be caring, gentle and sympathetic? Would you rather keep your opinions to yourself than hurt other people’s feelings? Do you tend to be compassionate?

  4. Do you tend to be reserved, analytical and a bit skeptical? Do you think you may be a bit cynical toward people who are highly emotional or enthusiastic? Do you keep your feelings to yourself and come across as detached and unexpressive? Do you prefer environments where logic and critical thinking are valued?

 Now, close your eyes. Extend your arm and think about the item you choose on the Gathering.”

All of a sudden, a strong wind begins to shake the treetops and your own clothes. You can see yourself in different situations of your life, and all those memories crowd into your mind like a hurricane. You feel powerful and useless. All at the same time. You start to shout and cry out loud. Were you too shy? Too anxious? Too scared? Too dominant? Too cold? Did you regret it? Were you proud of yourself? Did you wish to be someone else?

All the thoughts hurt inside your brain, and the hurricane begins to tear all the trees and stones apart. You see the staff. The sword. The book. The horn. 

“Extend your arm and claim your right to make your own decisions and accept the consequences.”

The wind stops. The forest regains its peaceful atmosphere. You feel devastated. In front of you, the She-Elf-Guide speaks again.

“I will give you the possibility to upgrade your item (the sword, the staff, the horn, the book)  with one of these four powers:

  1. The power to self-regulate emotions and behavior in every situation

  2. The power to read other people quickly (their light and dark sides) in every situation

  3. The power to understand what is the right thing to do in every situation

  4. The power to understand the fastest way to get the best results in every situation

If you want, you can share the new power you chose to the Tavern (THU Social Media). Ex.: I chose the -Wooden Staff, Diamond Sword, The Horn with the Brew, The Book- and I will Upgrade it with the Power to…”

If you feel inspired, tell the Elf the reason why.

You grab your item and feel the strength of a new power. The power to decide how you want to project yourself to the world. You can even hear the epic music around you like a live orchestra (you are also invited to share which epic song you are hearing. Like, for example: Emerald Sword by Rhapsody). The She-Elf smiles proudly and walks.

“The last stop of this journey awaits: The Stone Theater of Roles.”