Three weeks left to go and we are officially on countdown for Career Camp! We reached out to Outfit7, who will be present, and talked to their team of UI Artists to discover how their careers began and what their day looks like. Meet Maja Nadvešnik, Jude Christoper Roxas, and Veronika Burger! 

How did your journey as UI artists start?

Maja: My journey into the world of game art began with a simple request from a friend to create art for their game. Intrigued by the process, I decided to explore job opportunities in my home country. That's when I discovered Outfit7, a company with a unique and captivating "cartoony" art style that immediately caught my attention. My goal was to work for them and improve my skills so that one day, I could land a job as a game artist at their company. In my efforts to achieve this goal, I actively began looking to expand my horizons within the game industry. I participated in every Game Jam and Ludum Dare event I could find, attended game meetups and conferences, and made new friends who shared my passion for game development. My final step towards achieving my dream was to apply and attend Outfit7's Talent Camp. There, I demonstrated my passion and dedication, which ultimately led to an invitation to join their team. Approaching my fifth year at Outfit7, I remain committed to improving my skills and contributing to the company's success.

Jude: I am originally from the sunny islands of the Philippines where I started doing gigs for mobile games. I then moved to the UAE and got some beautiful experiences that honed my skills in making illustrations, characters, UI, and even learned a hefty amount of knowledge with production pipelines for mobile games. After a few years of staying there, I knew I needed a bigger  challenge: that was when I started looking for opportunities around Europe and sent several applications to studios I believed would help me grow professionally. When I first applied for Outfit7, I sent an open application to show my interest in working with them, as they didn't have any open positions for the things I wanted to apply for. I really wasn't expecting any replies from them but I was proven wrong after one of the HR partners acknowledged my application. She told me that they were not looking for a concept artist at that time, but asked if I would like to apply for the UI artist position as they saw from my resume that I had  solid background in it and they wanted to see the possibility on where this will go. That was something I never planned to do but got intrigued and was very willing and eager to try so I gave it a go: I tailored another application for the position, and fast forward to a series of tests, interviews (both online and live), and lots of decision makings in between, I took the job offer and have been here for almost 4 years now! I'm forever grateful for the HR partner who took the time to read my open application and for opening a new door for me to experience ~ (Hello, Michala! 😄) ~ so to anyone who wants to work with us, please reach out! I learned a lot and am still learning so much more! The experience of taking this job has given me a new sense of direction and a lot of new things to get excited about, not only for my professional growth but also most importantly for my personal development as well.

Veronika: Prior to joining Outfit7, I worked as a freelance illustrator and designer for numerous global corporations. The work allowed me to exercise my creativity but let’s be real, working solo gets old quick. I wanted to work collaboratively in a team setting with other artists, so that I could learn from them and get the inspiration that comes from collaboration, bouncing ideas off one another and growing together. So when Outfit7 offered me a spot on their squad, I jumped at the chance to work with other creative geniuses. As someone who has always been drawn to vivid and lively artwork, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with crafting dynamic UI designs, and now it’s hands-down my favourite part of the job!

What’s your favorite part about working at Outfit7?

Maja: One of the best parts of working at Outfit7 is being surrounded by incredibly talented artists from every department. We have the privilege of learning from our skilled Art Directors on a daily basis, and the learning process truly feels endless. But it's not just about receiving constructive critiques on our work; we also have art challenges, workshops, and paid conferences like THU.

How does a regular day look for you? Take us through it!

Veronika: At Outfit7, we enjoy a flexible schedule, but I always make a point to arrive at 8 am to meet up with friends in the company cafeteria for breakfast. Afterwards, I grab a coffee and dive into my work routine, starting with a quick check of my calendar and Slack messages before launching into Photoshop via Shotgrid. At around 10:30, I typically receive feedback on my work from the previous day, and I spend the time leading up to lunch at 11:30 focused on incorporating that feedback. If I have any meetings scheduled, they usually take place after lunch, but I continue to work until around 4:30pm, taking an afternoon coffee break if needed.

How do you stay inspired and motivated?

Maja: Being around amazing artists who push you beyond your own creative boundaries is definitely inspiring. However, it's not just the artists who motivate me - the entire team is dedicated to achieving our shared goal of creating the next big thing. We are constantly supporting and encouraging each other, and I'm honored to be a part of such a talented and driven team.

Veronika: My creative juices flow best when I’ve got some sick beats blasting, taking a stroll through Mother Nature’s masterpiece, or indulging in my guilty pleasure - League of Legends. That game is my own personal drug, and I won’t apologize for it.

What advice would you give to someone interested in working in UI Art in your company?

Maja: If you aspire to work as a UI artist at Outfit7, my advice to you would be to be brave and showcase your unique style. Don't be afraid of being different or even facing rejection. Keep working on your skills, and apply every time you see that you've made progress. We value persistence and passion, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals who can inspire us with their art. Remember, we all are different pieces of the puzzle, and you might just be the missing one. So, keep honing your skills, be confident in your style, and take the leap. We look forward to seeing your application!

Thank you, Veronika, Maja, and Jude!  If you’d like to be a part of Career Camp, don’t forget to apply for a free ticket until April 2.