Tony Sandoval



Tony Sandoval is a Mexican illustrator and comic book artist, born in 1973 in the desert of Sonora, Mexico. He lives and works in Paris, France.

He has self-published ‘Nocturno’ and other weird comics since he was very young. Now he is more engaged in creating Bande Dessinée. The followings are the books he has published: ‘Le cadavre et le sofa’; ‘Nocturno’ - 2 volumes in total; ‘Doomboy’; ‘Les betises de xinophixerox’; ‘Epidemia de melancolía’; ‘Watersnakes’; ‘A 1000 storms’; ‘Randevous a phoenix’; 2 Artbooks (paquet editions); ‘Futura nostalgia’ - 3 volumes in total; ‘Coco’; ‘Oscuro en rosa’; ‘Volage’. And he has done many participations in other comics, too.

He has done 4 exhibitions: Arludik Gallery, Paris; Festival viñetas del atlantico, A Coruña, Spain; Festival de Luca comics and games, Lucca, Italy; Festival de cómics de Mallorca, Spain.

He is still working on his comics, self-published fanzines a.k.a ‘rain of doom’ and preparing his upcoming exhibition.