Glauco Longhi

United States

Glauco has been working in the videogame and film industry for the past 18 years. Some of his recent projects includes Callisto Protocol, God of War Ragnarok, God of War (2018), Uncharted 4, amongst other 50 commercials, feature films, and misc projects.


Glauco started his career in Brazil, working with advertising and then film/commercials. 

Decided to open his own studio, which ran for 4 years, working on many different industries and clients. 

He also ran a school and taught/mentored more than 200 students,and travelled across the country teaching and spreading his knowledge.

The opportunity to join Naughty Dog and move to USA presented itself in late 2014. He worked and shipped Uncharted 4 and then joined Sony Santa Monica, to work on God of War 2018 and then God of War Ragnarok.

A call to work with Glen Schofield and a team of industry veterans was presented and he joined Striking Distance Studios, helping to build a new AAA studio from scratch, from 30 people all the way to 250, and also building a new IP, new pipeline, new workflows and new technology, technology which became State of the Art on Character Art Rendering of Realistic Characters in AAA videogames. 

The technology was publicly presented at GDC 2023 alongside Jorge Jimenez.

Glauco then joined Unknown Worlds as Studio Art Director, serving the studio expansion and growth, managing all the artists and developers across the studio projects, including the next Title in the Subnautica Universe.

Glauco’s passion for all things game development is contagious. From working directly with game designers, to engineers, artists, producers, managers, he has always been involved with it all, learning and helping teams across the board.