Dong Ho Kim

South Korea

Dong Ho Kim’s purpose is to be an artist that never rush. He aspires to be an artist that grows steadily, where he never stops creating.


Dong Ho Kim is a South Korean artist who was born in 1985.

He was raised in Seoul and majored in comics and animation at the University of Sejong in Seoul, South Korea. After graduating from university, he began his career as a webtoon artist, but now he focuses on illustrations as one of the artists at Superani, which was founded by Hyun Jin Kim and Jung Gi Kim. He has published various sketch collections of illustrations and also recently published educational books, and he participates in international exhibitions.

He became an illustrator and made his former instructor, Jung Gi Kim, his role model. Whenever he drew, he always desired to have fun and to create something that everyone would enjoy. He began to travel extensively, exploring the cities in South Korea and began to draw the things he found fascinating in his surroundings, thereby establishing his distinctive drawing style.

Dong Ho finally published his own artbook after people began to recognize his artworks in which he depicted various landscapes from around the globe using his distinctive fish-eye technique and a rather dramatic perspective. He also worked on a second book in which he explains the fundamentals of perspective, which lead him to express his own artistic universe abroad. Now, Dong Ho Kim is eager to further expand his universe.  

Career Highlights:

2017: Live Drawing Show for 'Urban Regeneration of Seoul'; 2018: Live Drawing Show for 'Lotte Chemical'; 2018: CTN EXPO in LA; 2019: Solo exhibition and Superani exhibition at Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris, France; 2019: New York Comic-Con; 2019: 'Spacedrawing: Perspective' Book Published; 2020: 'New York Sketch Collection' Book Published; 2020: LA Giantrobot Gallery Superani Exhibition; 2021: LG Chemical Live Drawing; 2021: Complex Seoul Samcheongdong Group Exhibition; 2022: Theo Gallery Superani Group Exhibition; 2022: Dongho Kim’s Sketch Collection Vol.3 Published; 2022: Posco Live Drawing Show; 2023: E-Land Gallery Group Exhibition