Space Ape

About Space Ape

It’s a really exciting time to be at Space Ape Games. We’ve created a fast-paced environment that promotes genuine autonomy and we have projects at all stages of the development cycle.
We launched our hit music game, Beatstar, in 2021 and we’re following its success with Countrystar less than two years later. We also officially launched our first puzzle game in July, Chrome Valley Customs, and we’re preparing to scale this game to global success.
On top of all this, we’re running several mature live games and working on some exciting new projects behind the scenes!
We don’t focus on one particular genre; each of our games has its own completely unique art style - and we give our artists the freedom to mould that style.

Currently, we need artists to help make and market these games to the highest quality. But we want artists who’ll take that freedom and make these games their own.

We’d love to chat if you fancy seeing the projects we’re working on right now. Even if you’re not looking to move studios - we always want to hear what great artists think.

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