Sabine Engelhardt


Scent Design


Sabine Engelhardt born 1966 in Worms, studied library science in Stuttgart and communication science in Berlin. In 1995 Sabine joined the Daimler Society & Technology Research Group in Berlin. Her interest in cars builds on the viewpoint that automobiles are private places - which are accidently mobile too. While developing concepts of refinement and sensual luxury, she grabbed in 2006 the opportunity to initiate a scent device for the Maybach Zeppelin ultra-luxury car. Following the success of the implementation in the Maybach, Sabine Engelhardt was then responsible for the development of the scent device for the S-Class which is now in almost all vehicles available. With a well-know perfumer she creates all scents for the vehiles. Scenting is for Engelhardt the poetization of the automobile and the driving. In 2018 Sabine visits the THU main event in Malta for the first time. Since then she works on the topic of 'Curation of fragrance and depiction'. In 2019 she won the STARTS PRIZE Honorary Mention with her project SLAP (See Like A Pony). In this project she wanted to make robotics not only understandable but truly approachable.