Hyun Jin Kim

South Korea

Hyun Jin Kim is a renowned art instructor, illustrator, and painter. He is the founder of Superani and established AniChanga art school in Korea as a resource for art students wishing to improve their drawing skills. Hyun Jin’s approach to teaching drawing has become the standard for Superani artists.


Born in 1971, in a city called Busan in South Korea, Hyun Jin Kim enrolled at a Fine Arts School of Busan, majoring in Western Painting.

In 2001, Hyun Jin Kim first met artist Jung Gi Kim. He then founded Superani with Jung Gi and stopped creating art for himself and dedicated his time and energy in supporting Jung Gi Kim.

In 2007, he created a publishing company with the same name, Superani. Ever since, he has worked with more than 60 artists who are also his good friends.

He mainly works on figure paintings and drawings and give lectures regarding anatomy when he has time.