09:30 – 11:00
Icebergs - 4
Company Culture

Vision, Leadership, & Resilience in the Face of Plan B


In this masterclass, we will explore how to create a compelling VISION and what it means to pursue that vision with passion and purpose; how to craft a company culture that inspires and has the best chance of delivering on your vision; and finally, the importance of resilience as you navigate the bumps in the road that you, as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur ,will almost surely face at some point in your journey. I will draw upon specific examples and lessons learned from the past thirty years with Lucasfilm where I have strived to pioneer the next generation of storytelling ‘in a galaxy far, far away.’ In addition, I have mentored and/or advised many entrepreneurs as a part of my own journey. Through them, I have experienced some of the excitement and challenge of doing a start-up. Collectively, these experiences have informed my view of what it takes to sustain a career distinguished by innovation and vision. We’ll talk about key themes and observations in the creative landscape before us, as well as what matters most as you begin to build your team and grow your business in the early stages of your company’s evolution. The class will be a mix of presentation and conversation and seeks to be both inspiring and provocative.