09:30 – 11:00
Icebergs - 4

Leading for Creativity


Leadership is not a “9 to 5” deliverable. For some, having a team, a title or the authority to lead automatically makes you a leader. Leadership for Creativity is a mindset, a philosophy and a framework of grace, empathy and challenge. By telling stories and sharing her longstanding experience of leadership in working with creative people, I will provide insights and perspective, highlighting what it takes to create a healthy, creative environment and exploring the mindset required to effectively lead one. Leading for Creativity will explore a variety of ingredients and the delicate balance of a thriving creative environment to make it easier for others to be brilliant. How do you unleash your potential to guide and ensure that your teams, peers and colleagues are willing to do the difficult creative work? How do you give them permission to participate, empower them and support them as they embark on new and meaningful creative adventure? Leading for Creativity will also explore how to successfully make the transition from being a “doer” or a “maker” into becoming a successful creative leader worth following. This session will help narrow the gap between “knowing” what a healthy creative environment looks like, what leaders need to “do” to build one and how they can transform themselves to “be” the creative leader they wish they had.