14:30 – 16:00
Oldest Things - 3
Creative Process

From Spark to Park - A Framework for navigating creatively lead technology projects from beginning to end


Venturing into new projects can feel daunting, particularly when innovation is important and with the uncertainty that innovation and technology can bring! In this session, I’ll unpack my framework for taking projects from a nascent idea - or a client brief - to a satisfying end product for you, your partners and clients alike. Our journey begins with generating 'sparks' of ideas, birthed from different brainstorming techniques and strategies. Continuing through the project lifecycle, we'll dive into the different aspects of prototyping and how prototyping plays a crucial role in bridging your concept with reality. We’ll explore the often overlooked yet vital role of a robust production process, highlighting how a solid process can fuel creativity by removing uncertainty and giving people the freedom to create. With examples from a wide range of award winning work across many disciplines, the talk will shed light on the importance of setting clear, achievable project goals, acting as a guiding beacon for ourselves and all our stakeholders, ensuring everyone is aligned with the project’s vision. I hope that you leave this talk with the confidence and know-how to embrace any kind of ambitious project and steer it to success.