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Step inside the panels of our Virtual Reality comic, Icebreakers, and join our dysfunctional pirate crew in their adventures on the frozen landscape, 7000 years after a deadly Ice Age swept through the globe. Explore along with them as they try to evade the grasp of an oppressive government, and the danger lurking in the ice.
Mind your step! Danger could be just around the corner…

Along with the first chapter of our pirates adventures, we have released the toolkit used to build the comic in Unity, all in Open Source! Show us what you can do.

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Togather's snapshot'

Team Name

Small Fry


Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

Meet the team

Small Fry, reporting for duty!
Our team first met at last year’s THU event in Malta, where we bonded over a crazy game of Dungeons and Dragons. Since then we’ve kept up the tradition!
Our team is fairly international, spanning the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.
The Project Manager (tech whiz) on Icebreakers was Chris Graf. Stephan Rumping (hype man) was the Creative Director, helping out on everything from Script writing to building the panels in Unity. Alexandra van Caloen (chill pill) handled Story and Concept Art.

Shelley Graf

Stephan Rumping

Former Concept Artist & Art Consultant at Motius

Alexandra Van Caloen

Former Storyboarding, Concept Art, Script Writing at Sony Talent League

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