Step inside the panels of our Virtual Reality comic, Icebreakers, and join our dysfunctional pirate crew in their adventures on the frozen landscape, 7000 years after a deadly Ice Age swept through the globe. Explore along with them as they try to evade the grasp of an oppressive government, and the danger lurking in the ice.
Mind your step! Danger could be just around the corner…

Along with the first chapter of our pirates adventures, we have released the toolkit used to build the comic in Unity, all in Open Source! Show us what you can do.

Small Fry

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    Alexandra Van Caloen

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    Stephan Rumping

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    Christoph Graf

  • Icebreakers's Log,

    #37: Chris Closing Thoughts

    Chris shares his closing thoughts with us on the Sony Talent League mentorship experience.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #36: Stephan Closing Thoughts

    Stephan shares his closing thoughts with us on the Sony Talent League experience.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #35: Alex Closing Thoughts

    Alex shares her candid closing thoughts on the Sony Talent League experience.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #34: Week 10 Videolog

    We made it! Wrapped up week 10, got our pitch out there, and excited to hear what you think. Thank you for all your support, we couldn't have done this without you! This is just the end of the beginning.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #33: What's Your Superpower?

    Alex: My superpower would probably be being able to draw anywhere! I sometimes get shaky hands, but being stubborn about it, I try to sketch in as many unstable locations as possible, from boats to tuk tuks and anything in between. It also makes for some interesting sketches, though I've had a...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #32: Week 9: Land Ahoy!

    This week was chock full of mentor meetings and great advice!  We started off strong, with Kim Jung Gi, with whom we talked about weapons and the dangers of overthinking designs, especially when they are not the principal focus. He sent us in the direction of District 9 (now this is research w...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #31: Goal of the Week (Mar 1)

    Goals for this week are plentiful: Make the rest of the f***ing game 😅 On a more serious note: Expressions and their implementation Ship and environment 3d models All panels Line drawing on the panels Implement most of the music and sounds Most sound effects We...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #30: Week 8: Keelhauled

    Wait? ...We’re still alive? How long have we been out?! Mates and lasses, it has been a wild ride this week. It felt both like a lull as well as a hard-fought emotional week as we’re running out of gas. Having enthusiasm is a good thing, but do think about your mental well-being! Even us icebreak...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #29: Week 8 Videolog

    Scheduling, tool and visual improvements, grabbing mechanics, music, tribe input and more!

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #28: What's something you can't live without?

    Chris: I have to say I have literally no idea, that's why it took me so long... I mean there's probably nothing I own that I couldn't somehow do without, very much depends on the situation as well what I would take... My tongue-in-cheek answer: water (I know, I'm so funny) My realistic ...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #27: Goal of the Week (Feb 22)

    Goals for the week: ship designs and models finish line tool baking performance optimization full comic blocked out final music for the first sections of the comic

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #26: Week 7: Heading to port

    Land ho! We are nearing port (the finish line)! It has been a rowdy week with getting our butts into gear, tasks completed, challenges overcome, and making some tough calls! The Captain’s Logs are a pride and joy of us, so let us take you on a journey once again! We got some fun stuff comp...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #25: Week 7 Videolog

    Character archetypes, lost footage, musical design, tough decisions, and more!

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #24: Show Us Your Workspace

    Alex: Pretty chaotic as things go, but I was lucky to have remodelled it right before the pandemic started. Stephan: Here’s my workplace as well! It’s a simple spot. I use most of the living room table as workplace (having a big mirror cabinet next to me and a book cabinet is just...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #23: Goal of the Week (Feb 15)

    test demo lines ingame and decide if we want to commission voiceacting finish first blockout and timing storyboards rest of ship, environment and object designs getting a start on the 3d models for all of these expression sheets for the characters and some expression meshes progres...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #22: Week 6: Mate, where’s my boat?

    So we’ve finally passed the halfway point now. No pressure, right? RIGHT?!  This week we put our ol’ boneheads together (No, not Togather. That’s the other group and is possibly copyrighted already?) and we looked at our schedule and looked where we needed to pick up the slack. We also had som...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #21: Week 6 Videolog

    Another epic week of mentorships, and we're officially past the halfway point already!

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #20: Hopes for your 70-year-old self?

    What are your hopes for your 70-year-old self? Chris: Dunno, that's a half loaded question for me 😅 I think I see myself as the chill, content with life, village crazy lady kind of type, with my own studio and workshop in some inspiring location, scotland or iceland or something, going f...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #19: Goal of the Week (Feb 9)

    Get first voice lines and test them Rough blockout of the script All 3D characters final Start on props (Most of the) ship designs

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #18: Week 5: Treasure Hunt!

    Holy smoke mates, we’re running out of gas here! We gotta get a refill! Week 5 has ended and by the time you are reading this we’re already halfway into week 6 almost! The week was an absolute marathon...a marathon of sprints. We accomplished so much, the biggest one being the finalization of ...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #17: Week 5 Videolog

    Rapid prototyping, re-writing, voice acting decisions and more! Tune in to hear our Week 5 video recap.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #16: Musical Inspiration?

    Go-to song/type of music for inspiration? Chris: That is a much more easy question to answer for me^^ it's very dependent on mood, but I'm mostly listening to Future Funk/City Pop, Lo Fi or Electronica (in general) for relaxation/getting me through work Artist I like there:  City Gir...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #15: Goal of the Week (Feb 1)

    Goals for the week: Engine Tests with Music Start of the Render and Baking Engine, some tool polish Design environment sets and Objects (Like the ships and weaponry) More story polishing and Storyboarding Decision on voiceover!

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #14: Week 4: High Tides!

    You know the drill! A boring predictable adventure is no adventure at all! We’re at the end of week 4 already, y’all! Can you believe it? We’ve been working our (pirate) booties off and oh boy, Icebreakers is really starting to take shape! We got all our character designs done! We can’t...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #13: Video Log (Week 4)

    As you can tell, a lot's been going on this week! To learn *even* more, check out our Week 4 written recap, up next.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #12: Who Do You Admire?

    It's remarkable how much you can get to know someone just by asking a few simple questions. Tune in for our weekly "Getting to know you" questions with the teams. You'll no doubt gain insights on these brilliant creatives, but we're guessing you'll also leave inspired. This week's query:  W...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #11: Small Fry...What's in a Name?

    How'd we come up with the team name "Small Fry"? The basic gist is that in the DnD one-shot that we played at THU 2019 (where we first became friends), the macguffin of the story was a chicken named Fry. The goal was to sacrifice it to a chicken god (because it was the most bestest chicken tha...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #10: About Us

    Curious about who we are? What are our backgrounds? What we're each doing on this project? Watch to learn more :)

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #09: Goal of the Week (Jan 25)

    There's a lot on our mind this week! Many small tasks: Finalize the rendering Build scene and character pose tools Design environment sets and objects (like the ships and weaponry) Finalize the revamped story Start storyboarding and blocking out the first scenes (as soon as the tool...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #08: Video Recap Week 1-3

    It's been an exciting and enlightening 3 weeks in mentorship-land. So much has happened in such a short amount of time! Watch on to hear more about our challenges, triumphs, and discoveries thus far.

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #07: Week 3: Parlay

    Hey! You look amazing today. Care for a chat up on the aft deck? Week 3 was the first time we had one-on-one sessions with the mentors and where our bonds were put to the test. We put out some amazing work this week, with Jan and Andreas having finished our first two characters: the hun...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #06: Goal of the Week (Jan 18)

    The team had a lot they want to achieve this week: Get the first two 3D characters modeled, rigged and textured Re-write the underlying render-engine to be better perform Build basic scene building tools and implement panels Decide on the final story (including mentor feedback) Fina...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #05: Week 2: Mutiny

    Welcome back on board! I hope you had a fantastic day! For Week 2 we finally met the mentors. We tried to prepare ourselves as best as possible, having a full scope and timeline at the ready and a pitch to properly show them what Icebreakers was all about. We had just completed our draf...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #04: Initial Thoughts

    We're at the beginning of an exciting adventure, so to kick things off, we asked the teams for their gut-reactions to the following questions. The candid responses they provided were both insightful and inspiring :) 1. What are you hoping to get from this mentorship? Christoph: Contacts to ...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #03: Week 1: Raise the Anchors!

    Anchors aweigh! Welcome to the Captain’s Log of Icebreakers!  Here we tell you a bit on our weekly adventures making a dream project, meeting and learning from legends of our industry, and forging bonds strong enough to barrel through the icy waters ahead! While we can treat this as...

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #02: Kanpai with Icebreakers!

    What better way to introduce the finalists to the Tribe than through a special edition of Kanpai! Our very own Shuzo sat down with Stephan, Alexandra and Christoph to chat about all things Icebreakers ;) Watch to see highlights, revelations and even a live VR demo!

    Icebreakers's Log,

    #01: The Beginning

    The journey began back in July 2020, with Sony and THU's invitation to connect, collaborate and contribute. The result is the incredible adventure we're currently embarked on. But it all began here: with a pitch and a dream. Meet Christoph Graf, Alexandra van Caloen and Stephan Rumping as they...