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Kawia's Adventure


Games – Animation

About this project

Kawia's adventure is a time traveling African safari set in the mysterious past of the East African Savannah where you play as Kawia, a girl trying to cross the mysterious plains, defeating evil spirits and through the power of dance, race through the lands using the dances of old to battle; Eskista for flight, Baganda for defense and The Tero Buru to deal damage on all who dare stand in your way. Control how the story unfolds as you choose your fate in the interactive film aspect of the game and survive the choices you make as you craft your adventure!
Fight the undead by matching the keys to the beat, become a true warrior and dance your way to victory or make one misstep and face your doom, in your quest to meet your best friend.

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Meet the team

We are Tabi Karaba and Lydia Mugure, two kids from Kenya who love writing and developing fun stories! We met at Kenyatta University studying Film and Theatre arts where we grew as friends. Tabi ventured towards filmmaking focusing more on creative direction editing and cinematography causing her to be the story and direction lead in Kawia's adventure going as far as editing, choreographing, scripting, production and blocking all of the scenes in the project. Lydia, found herself drawn to animation and programming shifting her plans towards that, studying character modeling and rigging, animation, scene and environment design and coding, in Kawia's adventure she handled the development of the animation, models, concept, scenes and even the music! WE BUILT IT ALL OURSELVES DARLING!

  • Lydia Mugure

  • Tabitha Karaba


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