Kawia's Adventure



Kawia's adventure is a time traveling African safari set in the mysterious past of the East African Savannah where you play as Kawia, a girl trying to cross the mysterious plains, defeating evil spirits and through the power of dance, race through the lands using the dances of old to battle; Eskista for flight, Baganda for defense and The Tero Buru to deal damage on all who dare stand in your way. Control how the story unfolds as you choose your fate in the interactive film aspect of the game and survive the choices you make as you craft your adventure!
Fight the undead by matching the keys to the beat, become a true warrior and dance your way to victory or make one misstep and face your doom, in your quest to meet your best friend.


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    Tabitha Karaba

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    Lydia Mugure

  • Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #32: Tabi Closing Thoughts

    Tabi shares her closing thoughts with us on the Sony Talent League experience.

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #31: Lydia Closing Thoughts

    Lydia shares her candid closing thoughts with us on the mentorship experience.

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #30: Week 10 Recap

    We're already at the end of week 10?! Time to bring it all together.

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #29: What's Your Superpower?

    Lydia: Ooooooh thats a good question, well... Over the course of these ten weeks my system was slowly imbued by the power of Ergokinesis! the power to control all forms of energy with the mind, this ability is however limited to myself and depends on how much caffeine is in my system at the time...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #28: Goal of the Week (Mar 8)

    Time for the drum rolls! 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 DELIVERY! It's the last week and we've cooked up something pretty good (or at least we think so). Now it's time to 'keep the fire burning' and deliver something awesome that best depicts our project. The curtains are about to close and it's a bittersweet f...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #27: Week 9 Recap

    Finalizing the prototype, thinking back on all we've learned, and honing our pitch with the help of Phil Lord and Vani (Saraswathi Balgam), it was an emotional and intense week! We can't believe the mentorship is nearly over, but we're excited to share our pitch with you next week!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #26: Our neighbourhood

    Lydia and Tabi go outside to give us a glimpse of their neighbourhood.

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #25: Goal of the Week (Mar 1)

    This week's Goal of the Week is aptly named Editing! A more dramatic title would be THE GREAT PURGE, but that's kinda dumb. Okay back on track! now that we're nearing the end of the League I have to say I'm kinda sad (actually I'm pretty sad, time flies when you're having fun) and now we have ...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #24: Week 8 Recap

    Musical instruments, storytelling advancements, and 70% done!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #23: What's something you can't live without?

    Tabi: hmmmmm,, let's see...trying to narrow down by imagining myself going on a year long roadtrip without the chance of human interaction, hmmmm.  MUSIC! I don't think I can define enough how vital my music is to my existence and the best part is my ears can listen to practically anything ...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #22: We Made a Theme Song!

    We made up a song! Which was a lot of fun to do :) You can listen here! Lydia: We had some instruments lying around: a flute, guitar and some old woven containers that can be used as drums and I used them to figure out Ayub Ogada's chords in Koth Biro. I can't read music but I have an ok...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #21: Goal of the Week (Feb 22)

    Drumroll for the goal of the week.....aptly named: Nasema? (What am I saying?) Our goal this week is to figure out how to properly express exactly what we are doing. Just getting the right words that best explain who we are, what we've made, and why we are doing this. Talking to ourselves in t...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #20: Week 7 Recap

    Blocking complete and it's off to the render farm! Plus lessons learned in not having to be an expert in all areas, remember to water your plants, and more!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #19: Show Us Your Workspace

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #18: Goal of the Week (Feb 15)

    Onward, to the farm! With the static scenes nearly being done and the cleanup well underway we now move on to sending them off to render farms to be rendered! yay!!!!!!! ugh it's been such a trip getting here but with this the prototype is (checks notes) 33% complete! Now we must dial up the p...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #17: Week 6 Videolog

    Kusonga mbele sana! We've "moved forward a lot" this week! Have a listen to hear more :)   

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #16: Hopes for your 70-year-old self?

    If you were to write your 70-year-old self a letter, what would it say? Tabi: Whewww! This week's about you question is something I had never in a milion years even thought of! I just realized I've never on a serious note envisioned myself old. So after a day of serious thinking, I have fin...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #15: Goal of the Week (Feb 8)

    This week's goal is a technical one: making the user experience as intuitive as possible that way they won't be lost with the shifts in perspective. So it's time to experiment with everything from camera angles, shifts, cuts and edits, oh my! Off to the lab we go!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #14: Week 5 - The Week of Anxiety!

    Yikes, putting stuff out there is scary! But we did it and we're feeling good about it!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #13: Sneak Peek: Game Test

    Curious what our game is going to be like? This is team Eurydice's game test #1! After binge-watching a lot of Netflix interactive films to better see how they would play out in a game, we decided to render out a scene to at least see if it would work. It did! (after a lot of trials) and we were ...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #12: Musical Inspiration?

    Go-to song/type of music for inspiration? And/or: What are the first three songs on your playlist? Tabi: After so much thought because my playlist together with my music app were deleted from my country, hahahaha, I've been going through all my extremely multi faceted playlists on youtube and...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #11: Goal of the Week! (Feb 1)

    Our goal this week is to add a learning aspect to the game (credit to Aish and Pedro from the stl discord chats) who helped us format a simple learning mechanic for the game: when you defeat a spirit in the game, you get a snippet of history. Short and sweet, a fairly simple additional that adds ...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #10: Week 4 Recap

    It's time we tell you a bit more about the project and where we're at in development!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #09: Who Do You Admire?

    It's remarkable how much you can get to know someone just by asking a few simple questions. Tune in for our weekly "Getting to know you" questions with the teams. You'll no doubt gain insights on these brilliant creatives, but we're guessing you'll also leave inspired. This week's query:  W...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #08: Eurydice...What's in a Name?

    How did you come up with the team name "Eurydice"? Lydia: When we found out about the Challenge, I was reallyyyyyy into Hades, the game and I liked Orpheus' path the most (though Pat and Achilles are still the overall MVP's). [Eurydice is a deceased oak nymph and the former wife of the musi...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #07: About Us

    Eager to learn more about the creative minds behind Kawia's Adventure? Lydia Mugure and Tabitha Karaba sit down to share with us a little about themselves, their backgrounds, and what led them to where they are now.  

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #06: Goal of the Week (Jan 25)

    Learning how to respect the relationship we have with our art, as pointed out by one of our mentors, Mr David OReilly. Treating it as a real relationship and making sure it grows, so we don't burn out and grow to hate making cool stuff or just stuff in general as time goes on. We feel like that's...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #05: Week 3 Recap

    Let's talk about Week 3! Learnings and discoveries from this week's mentorships.

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #04: Goal of the Week (Jan 18)

    Music on the mind - team Kawia's goal for this week: Finding suitable music for the animation! That's really important to us as we are really banking on creating a huge connection with our audience through it, especially since our animation is centered around dance. 

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #03: Initial Thoughts

    We're at the beginning of an exciting adventure, so to kick things off, we asked the teams for their gut-reactions to the following questions. Their thoughtful responses provide awesome insight into their personalities :) 1. What are you hoping to get from this mentorship? We are hoping, ou...

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #02: Kanpai with Kawia's Adventure!

    What better way to introduce the finalists to the Tribe than through a special edition of Kanpai! Our very own Shuzo sat down with Lydia (and Tabi, in wifi-deadzone spirit) to chat about all things Kawia's Adventure ;) Watch to see highlights and get inspired!

    Kawia's Adventure's Log,

    #01: The Beginning

    The journey began back in July 2020, with Sony and THU's invitation to connect, collaborate and contribute. The result is the incredible adventure we're currently embarked on. But it all began here: with a pitch and a dream. Meet Lydia Mugure and Tabitha Karaba and follow them as they welcome ...