Hey everybody,

Here's a little scattered overview of our work space(s) as a team. My dining table, Ruben's desk/dining table and the desk space rented for Togather HQ!

Ruben and I are neighbours on either side of the hunker bunker (for those who haven't seen week 6's recap, our building has a nickname) east and north wing. We are pretty versatile and fluid, crowding around these rectangles and reporting from the outdoors! Around week 2-3 of the TL I also rented out a deskspace for Togather HQ, but in reality we've been spending more time mindmapping and having the mentorships around our dining tables. Sometimes I work at the deskspace, surrounded by my collection of twigs :)

PS: as the leader of the project, I keep my old sketchbooks very VERY close by, wherever I am. Been pulling them out and spreading them out on surfaces at various knot points in my thinking, or when I feel confused, to get back to where i started, how i felt in the last couple of years picking up new tools from different environments.

Over and out!!