Our week 3 goal was spreading the word to the Tribe about TribesGoesToGather.

Our Tribe session on Friday was zesty, inspiring and it got us excited about our goal actualising in the next couple of days. We saw and shared examples of art made with organic findings, one of the THU advisors who was in the session actually shared her makings with us too. We are currently busy with getting an up and running database/website ready for the Tribe participants who will take part in the experiment. So early this week should see us spreading more news around how to take part and where they can begin submitting their findings! We already have a channel #togather-with-the-tribe on our Discord channel, where the announcements will drop. The upcoming 3 weeks will be crucial to the development of this project as it is the first time we are involving others actively, they will be paving the way with the content and discoveries they share with us while we chisel Togather's vision and start to focus a little more on storytelling and experimenting a little more with the digital and 3d worlds through the mentorships.