Hi everyone! Adrián here, in our last weekly recap. This one is going to be short, I think. We are on track, we have to deliver it all on friday and this last week (and the one that begins today) is being focused on finishing stuff. So let's go with our last recap!

As I've said, this week has been almost everything about finishing the stuff and planning how to proceed with our materials. Pablo and I have been painting some artwork, but I've moved slower because a pain in my wrist and elbow. Don't worry, I went to my physiotherapist and it's almost solved, it wasn't serious. Also, I had to give a masterclass at the college of Fine Arts, which was a really nice experience but also interesting because it was the perfect place to test our pitch. After that, I've spent the weekend collecting the feedback from our mentors and adding some notes about what I experienced at the masterclass with an objective in mind: to reestructure some parts of the pitch in order to have the best possible version for the final delivery. I'm still on it, but it looks good I think.

At the same time, we have been working with a sound designer to put sound to the sizzle reel. I saw a preview yesterday and had a meeting to give him directions and notes about it. We are very short of time, because we wanted to use every single meeting with our mentors to have the best video possible, so now we are a bit in a rush with the sound, but we expect to have a version with every sound for tomorrow or Wednesday, so we can make the last few adjustments right on time.

And last, but not least, here is the artwork we have been doing this week. Most of it is by Pablo, I hope to finish my part right on time now that I can draw without any pain. So no comments here, just look and enjoy the illustrations ^^

We are very close to the end of this journey, but we need to keep working to have everything ready for the final delivery. But one thing is true: we have learnt so much and we have had so much fun (and we we still have) during this program that it doesn't really matter if we are winners or not, because I think that we've already won by being here. Thank you so much for all the help and for making this possible and see you soon!