Hi there, Adrián writing for our weekly recap! This week has been a very important one, because, you know, kick-off session. We have been working a lot because of that, but also because we are very motivated to carry our project to the next level. Sooo let's go with the recap!

First of all, we have been working on the characters, both visually and written. Pablo has been focused on exploring visual options for them, while I've been exploring their cores: what they want, what they care about, what they need... We are trying to have the heart of our project very well defined, so in case we change things of our project (and it's changing a lot) we still know that our project remains talking about the same characters and topics and goes in the right direction (thank you Kris for your feedback ^^). But let's see some beautiful illustrations!

First of all, I want to share with you some of the process we are following for the designs. These are some concepts from Nico's monster, who is based on a radish:

These are cute, right? :D So when I receive these, I make some direction notes and corrections, to give Pablo an idea of what I think it's working and what isn't. Obviously, sometimes we don't agree, so we discuss until we reach an agreement (we had one about Hugo's design this same week, I'll show you later). This were my notes for these drawings:

So after my notes, Pablo keeps exploring in the direction we agree, making a new proposal, and I make some new notes:

So we keep on this process until we are good with what we have, basically. This is our last draft:

I really love this little cutie!

But, as I said, this week has been a very busy one, Pablo has made a lot of very interesting and beautiful artwork. I'm going to share with you his concepts for other characters, so you can see the evolution of each one (I'll share my notes only if I think they really have something to say to you). So first of all, let's go with Alicia!

Next, this is another monster, this time, a random one. We are exploring how we traduce visually the concept of the withering:

And finally, our main character! Hugo has had a very important development this week, and I think that we are going in a very interesting direction with him. Here he is!

So this is all about designing. Let's talk about the main event of the week! Our Kick-off session was really interesting and full of information. Due to a last minute change, we coundn't meet Andrew Maximov, but we met the rest of our mentors, and we have to say that we are really happy to have them on board! I think that they are perfect for our project (and really nice people). It was a lot of information to process, but let's go for the conclussions we draw from the session.

-We want to go in the direction of a more mood/vibes oriented pitch, rather than the heavy plot-driven pitch that we have right now.

-As I said before, we want to really clinch the core of our project, so we have something to check that we are on the right track. In order to do that, our main focus right now is developing characters, their desires, motivations, needs...

-It would be very interesting to create a fanbase of our project, because it's going to help us to get producers on board. We are thinking about creating a patreon/social media for the project and share some content, like a comic, a bestiary of monsters... Basically to develop our project sharing some content to arouse people's interest.

-We need to think seriously about who is our story for, why they care about it and why it has to be a feature film.

And to finish, I've been researching some music for the briefing we have to have ready for the session that we all have with Scot, but we´ll talk about it when the time comes.

This has been all for this week! A very full one, but really important for our journey. Thank you once more to the mentors, because they have given us very precious advice, and we're very excited to keep working with them. Have a nice weekend, guys!