Hi everyone! Adrián here, one more week, and we're getting close to the final deadline! This week we've been really focused on the sizzle reel to have the structure of it in the best possible version, so the last three weeks is just producing what remains. So don't spend more time with the introduction and let's gooo!

We wanted to show the sizzle reel to Scot at our meeting on Monday to have some feedback of the new version soon, but, as he had an issue and couldn't meet us that day, I had some extra time to refine it as much as possible, while Pablo began creating the layouts for the final sizzle reel and pitch. So on Tuesday we met and Scot gave us his oppinion about how to improve it and also how sound could help to take the narrative to the next level. I also pitched him the project, because he was the only mentor that haven't seen the new version of the pitch yet. He also gave us some great advise about it, so it was a very useful session.

We've also had a session with Rafi on friday, very focused also on the sizzle reel. He helped us to identify some images that weren't so readable and he gave us very cool ideas to empower some key moments of the reel as well. He suggested me to make a new pass on the text, not thinking on the images but focusing on telling the ideas in the most effective way possible, so it becomes catchier and more fluent.

This week, Pablo has been working a lot on designing and creating illustrations and layouts. We have our final designs for most of the characters, so now it's a matter of drawing the right images to tell what is in the pitch and the sizzle reel. Let's see some art, shall we? First, we have been trying to polish the main characters' designs, here are the two brothers' development. The changes are now very small, but this is because we are very close to the final versions and this means changing just some lines and attitudes to make them perfect.

And this next one is a lineup with the addition of a quick version I've done for Alicia over the last designs of Pablo.

These are some concepts for our sidekick monsters, Napia and Pebbles.

And, of course, our main antagonist, the Hound.

And now, these are some illustrations and layouts for the sizzle reel and pitch.

And last, but not least, we are planning to paint the illustrations for the reel. The ideal situation would be to have every illustration painted, but as we don't have so much time, I'm making a list of which frames need priority at painting and which aren't, so if we couldn't finish everyone, we still would have the most important ones. Also, I've done a color script to see how colour changes narratively in the sizzle, so we have a colour guide to follow when painting. Here it is!

This would be all for this week! We still have plenty of work, but we are certainly enjoying the process and very happy of how the project is evolving. Also we've been receiving very possitive feedback from the mentors, which is always a great boost for the motivation. So little time, a lot of work but a lot of fun too, for sure! Thank you all for making this possible, and see you next week!