Adrián here! Our first week for the garden of monsters at STL has been a busy one already, but really exciting. So let's summarize the highlights!

This has been a week of rethinking. We have been working around what to enhance and what to cut, what is good enough to make it more important and what isn't helping to tell the story. This week we had our first meeting with Kris Pearn, and it was amazing! Kris is so nice and we love his energy. Also, he was very anthusiastic about our project, so that gave us confidence and helped us reaffirm that we have a good project on our hands. We discussed about the story and characters, and we ended up having a lot of ideas to work with. I am the one that has been making the main development of story and characters' writing, so it's a lot of fuel for my brain!

Pablo has been working also on writing down some ideas, but his main task has been to explore around characters, monsters and all that stuff. First of all, he has made some explorations on how monsters get withered. Here are some examples:

Also, he has begun to work on the main characters' designs. I hope to be able to join him soon, because I love to make character design ^^. There are some sketches around Hugo and Nico:

Such a nice work, huh?

Also, yesterday we had a meeting in person. We basically discussed some ideas around story and characters, but we also agreed the objectives for the STL, the schedule and all that stuff, so now we have a clear path. We are very excited to share it with all our mentors this thursday and see what they think about it. Oh, and, of course, to meet them, because for now, we have just met Kris.

So that's all for now, folks! If I have time enough, I would like to make a quick update this week before the big one next monday, so I can share with you some of the ideas I'm developing right now with the seeds that Kris planted in our first session. Until then, have a nice week!