Sony Talent League Edition II

Family Britannia


Animation – VR – Music

About this project

My project, Family Britannia is a 2D animated TV adult humoured, TV show concept which combines 2D, 3D unreal Engine, my music production and voiceover work. Since working with Carton Network, I have become more inspired and dedicated to work on my show. I've already written a half hour screenplay, designed all characters and made music with Wavyboy Smith. Family Britannia follows the story of 18 year old, British Born Nigerian Tech genius, Edward Johnson and his journey through the UK equivalent of Silicon Valley (In Old Street, London, we call this place "SILICON ROUNDABOUT"). We have a huge representation problem when it comes to showcasing intelligent male protagonists of African heritage, and I've only identified 1 animated TV show in the Cartoon network roster of shows who does this well. It's called Craig of the Creek and its made by the same guys who made Gumbal. Stories of genius black entrepreneurs are happening every single day and mainstream media isn't talking about it. Not only does my story of Ed Johnson speak to my own journey as an entrepreneur in London, but its representative of the lives of many. An innovative project combining 2D, Unreal Engine, and music by myself and established artists.

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  • Jide Johnson


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