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Family Britannia


Animation – VR – Music

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Created and written by Jide Johnson, Family Britannia is the story of Edward Johnson, an estranged 18 yr old genius coder, who is cast away by his father and longs to build a successful tech startup, hoping to lure him back and reconnect. Taking a risk, he gets framed in a £4bn scandal by his machiavellian boss, Bad Coin CEO. Victims of the scam attempt to kill Edwards's new family and friends, so he employs them to create the startup Family Britannia Ltd. Able to transport himself into the digital realm, when he has blackouts, he must traverse the virtual blockchain world to bring them all to safety and clear his name. But will the Betherion blockchain army of miners allow him to keep returning to his family in the real world or inevitably make him stay and fight their virtual Bad Coin battles? Especially after he realizes he will reconnect with his dad in the digital realm before he does in the real world. With a heavy emphasis on a diverse cast, both, in front of and behind the camera, Family Britannia is a British, adult-humored half an hour TV show, aimed at young adults, intended for a 10 episode first season. Combining 2D and 3D (Unreal Engine) animation and music created by Team Aniboxx, we aim to break boundaries with both unconventional storytelling techniques and a high cutting edge and modern production approach.

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