We can’t believe we are already in week six! Things are ramping up quickly with the soft deadline Elizabeth and I made for ourselves approaching in less than a month. For this week specifically we want to write up the master list of final art, create a game document that defines the loop and starts to gather specific mechanics of the game, and finalize the overview of what our final pitch will look like.

Elizabeth will be focusing on finishing key character art along with some of the pieces (Mosi’s gadget) we have added throughout the last couple weeks. After week five and talking to our mentors we have solidified the aspects of the game we were unsure about. For week six we want to break the game down step by step in a PDF to explain the format and mechanics the game will possess. Our final goal will be piecing together what will be included in the final pitch presentation including artwork, story and game loop, and the purpose behind the show. We can’t wait to get to work!