PlayStation Studios Malaysia

About PlayStation Studios Malaysia

In creating the Malaysian dish “rojak”, you need to pick out the best fruits, vegetables, and sauces in order to get the right mix of spiciness, tanginess, sweetness, and saltiness. Building a game studio is much like making a great “rojak” – getting the mix just right is paramount.


Based in Greater Kuala Lumpur, PlayStation Studios Malaysia is set on establishing its future in Southeast Asia. The region has been seeing strong growth in the areas of infrastructure, talent and the digital economy, with Malaysia at its epicentre. Our studio will be collaborating globally to build the future of the regional game industry within the heart of Southeast Asia.


This studio was founded to provide and create opportunities within this region, where we are bringing together the best talents from around the world to work on celebrated PlayStation franchises.

We will work closely with the other PlayStation Studios to realize the development of award-winning games everywhere. We aim to create a haven for talents to be better together, to be fiercely daring, to be proud to be different, and to always strive to be the best.


Getting the right mix of great art, animation, technology, and design makes us the best place to play and work. This is PlayStation Studios Malaysia – we are creating the best “rojak” in the world.


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