Simon Legrand

United Kingdom


Here is my attempt at rewriting the summary leading with the blockbuster work:

With nearly 20 years in visual effects, Simon Legrand has worked on blockbuster franchises including Avatar, Star Wars, Marvel Universe films, Ready Player One, Transformers, and Planet of the Apes. He has established himself as an innovative leader adept at leveraging emerging technologies to transform creative workflows.

As Real-time Supervisor at UNTOLD Studios, Simon has been instrumental in pioneering real-time projects using game engines. His experience at UNTOLD spans advertising, television, film and special venues, collaborating with top brands like PlayStation, AFK Arena, and Netflix. He recently supervised the Unreal-powered short film "Malanca" and Untold's cloud-based Unreal pipeline.

Simon also spearheaded the groundbreaking Virtual Production for the Chemical Brothers’ "Live Again" music video. He remains passionate about pushing the boundaries of emerging tech to revolutionize VFX and stays at the forefront of new initiatives in the space.