Nikola Damjanov


3D generalist by day, procedural tinkerer by night.

3D Generalist

Game Art

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I'm a generalist 3D artist with 15 years of versatile experience. I started my higher education as an engineer but pivoted to interactive media after couple of years. My professional baby-steps were making models, animations and VFX for music videos and movies. After that, I ventured into architectural and product visualization for some time, but then transitioned into graphics and web design. I was making interactive art installations in parallel, for most of the time, but I did find my happy place eventually - as a game artist. For the past 11 years I've been actively improving my artistic skills, exploring new tools and adopting them as early as possible. Every day I get excited about tech and how it can influence art and development so I do spend a lot of personal time tinkering and experimenting. I really enjoy playing around with everything I can get my hands on. Nordeus helped me channel my passion, focus and broad skill-set into an artist I am today. I have moved quite a lot through the company and at the moment I'm very happy working as a lead game artist. Aside from my daily activities, I cherish the big picture and try to shape it in every way I can. That's why I'm also heavily involved in hiring, interviewing, mentoring and overall maintenance of the company culture. Internet and communities help me grow every day so I tend to give back as well. I take active part in several game-art communities, write blog posts whenever I can and generally like to share everything I know but also expect to learn something from everyone. If you want to know more about me feel free to read ahead. Or contact me if you want to talk about something specific.


Work Experience

2012 -Present day

Lead Game Artist

Nordeus (Belgrade)


3D Generalist

15 Years of Experience

Game Art

11 Years of Experience

Technical Art

7 Years of Experience