Nelson da Cruz

United Kingdom


A 3D artist with a design background working in games, a space exploration geek who didn’t become an astronaut and decided to create his own worlds, a polygon at a time.


3D Environment Artist

Technical Artist

Game Development


Hi, I'm Nelson, and I have been working as a 3D generalist in the Games industry in London. My background is in Industrial Design with a focus on 3D printing and a deep experience in visualising product / architectural assets. In the last few years, my focus led me to Environment art and Lighting design for games; with the fast pace of evolution of in-game engines came better opportunities for cinematic moments but also greater importance of optimization; it is in those particular tasks and within constraints that my creativity expresses itself. In my spare time, I look for meaning in my own Single Game Development journey, using small projects to move forward and test hypnotises in the game space. My other passions include technology, rock climbing, martial arts, and many visits to art galleries with friends.


Work Experience

2019 -Present day

3D Artist

Marmalade Game Studio (London / Lisbon)

Senior 3D Artist with a focus on the technical side of things in Unity (lighting / shaders)

2010 -2018

3D generalist

Freelance (Lisbon)


2006 -2009




Industrial Ambient Graphical Multimedia



13 Years of Experience

3D Environment Artist

10 Years of Experience

Technical Artist

4 Years of Experience

Game Development

2 Years of Experience