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Molly Heady-Carroll is an Irish-born 2D artist and animator based in the Netherlands who specializes in all things creatures. In a former life, Molly wanted to be a herpetologist (a reptile scientist) but she eventually pivoted into a career in games and animation.

Molly graduated from the Utrecht University of Arts with a Masters Degree in Game Art in 2014.

She freelances for clients such as Netflix, Universal Pictures, Night School Studios, BBC, Impact Gameworks, Fifth Tribe Creative Agency and Anikey Studios.

In 2013, Molly co-founded Arcane Circus, the game studio behind "Crap! I'm Broke" and pan media IP "Zenibeasts".

Molly also gives lectures about creature design at conferences all over the world and teaches creature design at the Utrecht University of the Arts.

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Work Experience

2020 -2023

Colourist on "Zangdom Redux"

Volya Films (Den Haag, Netherlands)

An ultrashort animation about the transience of essential connection and our deep desire to experience this in spite of everything.

2017 -2023

Art Director, Assets and Animation "Kaijack Card Attack"

Arcane Circus (Bussum, Netherlands)

An upcoming Kaiju-themed digital card game from Arcane Circus.

2021 -2022

Pixel Artist on "Hammerwatch Remastered"

Crackshell Games (Stockholm, Sweden)

Pixel Artist for Bosses in an upcoming remaster of Hammerwatch.

2019 -2021

Pixel Artist on "Puzzle Explorers"

Impact Gameworks (Fulton, Maryland, United States of America)

Welcome to Puzzle Explorers, a puzzle/RPG hybrid that combines grand JRPG tradition with exciting falling block puzzles!

2020 -2021

Board Game Illustrator and Character Designer on "King's Trial"

Laughing Hyena Games (Amersfoort, Netherlands)

Bribe the dragon to leave the realm and claim the throne in this easy-to-learn interactive adventure game!

2018 -2020

Freelance Artist

Fifth Tribe Creative Agency (Washington, USA)

A showcase of Fifth Tribe's Interactive Campaigns can be viewed here:

2017 -2020

Illustrator "Reggie, his cousin, two scientists and much likely the end of the world"

Degoma Games (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

A experience the sensation of turning gravity upside-down in a classically-cut platform game full of surprises on every level!

2019 -2019

Colourist on "The Two Shoes" by Paul Driessen

Anikey (Den Haag, Netherlands)

2019 -2019

Pixel Artist for "Stranger Things 3: The Game"

Netflix/Bonus XP (Allen, Texas, United States of America)

2018 -2019

Character/Creature Designer/ Pixel Animator for "Tangledeep"

Impact Gameworks (Fulton, Maryland)

Enter the magical world of Tangledeep, a beautifully polished dungeon crawler inspired by classic 16-bit RPGs!

2018 -2018

Logo Designer

The Chilluminati Podcast (Massachusetts, United States of America)

A Podcast on all things weird, mysterious and down right crazy with MathasGames, Jesse Cox and Alex Faciane.

2017 -2017

Illustrator, "The Mummy: Dark Universe Stories"

Universal Studios/Night School Studio/Studio Motion Logic (Burbank, United States of America)

An episodic adventure where players take on the role of Nick Morton, Tom Cruise's character from The Mummy.

2016 -2016

Pixel Art Character Animator on "La Rocola del Sr. Wooly"

Señor Wooly (Evanston, United States of America)

Señor Wooly is a series of Spanish lesson music videos with funny, creative, and absurd stories with unexpected twists.

2015 -2016

Art Director, Assets and Animation "Crap! I'm Broke: Out of Pocket"

Arcane Circus (Bussum, Netherlands)

Crap! I’m Broke is a hectic life management game with a Cubist art style for iOS and Android.

2013 -2016

Character Designer/Animator on Animated Show "Kimono and Chibby Chan"

The Chibby Channel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Kimono and Chibby Chan is an animated web series following the psychedelic adventures of everyone's favorite luchador mask doting dynamic duo.

2016 -2016

Character Designer on "Vision SR"

BetaShark LTD (Canton, United States of America)

Vision Soft Reset is a 2D action-adventure platformer that lets the player perceive the future.

2016 -2016

Short Film Animator for Marketing Campaign "la Minute Caprice"

Caprice Des Dieux (France)

Animated Short: la Minute Caprice was a viral marketing campaign promoting the new packaging for En Cas de Caprice.

2015 -2015

Character Animator on "Melancholy Republic"

Cloud Runner Studios (Oxford, United Kingdom)

A cinematic story driven JRPG game with incredible music. Set in the beautiful city state of Lorna, uncover the conspiracies and broken souls within.


2010 -2014


Utrecht College of Arts

Game Art


2D Animator

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2D Artist

10 Years of Experience