18:00 – 18:30
Talent Stage

Music in Storytelling


Hello Tribe, I'm Chrisna Lungala and you might know me from having scored to Sony Talent League Finalist entries (Icebreakers and Carmela: Una Vida Libre). I'd like to talk about how important music can be especially in audio-visual media and how one could think about approaching talking about music. Of course it would be unrealistic to expect say a creative director to be versed in music and be able to articulate exactly what they need. However, my aim is to give you a better understanding of how you can approach talking about music and to give a realistic sense of what might be easy and what might not be. I think this might be a great topic, since, as far as I can tell, there are mostly visual artist in the THU tribe and not really audio people. However stories are not only told through visuals but also soundscapes, be it sound effects, dialogue or music. For example, shaving 5 seconds off of a piece of music is way harder than you'd think. If that sounds interesting to you guys, I'd love to give the talk. For reference I can mention, that two of the films I've scored were nominated for the Student Oscars and one of them won this year. I have no featured image, but a nice stock image could do the trick. Warmest regards, Chrisna Lungala