20:00 – 20:30
Talent Stage

Culture is the New Rising Force in Film!


You would have noticed how films are becoming unbearably redundant and senseless, as if the creators behind them have forgotten how to be human. I do not mean the workers of the mindless money-making machines, though. The only remnants of spirit you can find are carried in the hands of a few who aspire to revive the forgotten soul of film and animation. Especially the rising younglings who try to get their way in this chaotic industry.  As an animation and film student, I have been in awe of how numb our world has become to exploring its cultural past and making it shine! I was brought up in a place where national culture in daily life is as prominent as ever but with its cool new ways, like riding horses in the mountains while texting. Just imagining such a scene is inspiring, but how about sharing such stories where culture meets modern and even future ways of living?  At least from my experience, these ideas catch interest but get turned down. Why so? Many believe something locally inspired cannot be sold or messed with to not turn it into cultural appropriation. But... it just requires research, which has to be done no matter what you do, so the barrier is all just mental. This year, I saw a change. More and more local and cultural media are getting recognition at festivals. As if our inner worlds, which are bound to our mysterious cultural past, are finally rising as a new force. They are finally taking over and letting us reconnect with whatever we cut ties with long ago through personal local stories.  Pitching over and over these ideas has taught me how to trick the system and write smarter. Have I succeeded in getting my horseriding texters of the mountains into mainstream media? Not for now. Will I manage to influence you to explore your ancestral gift and make something that will last until the end of time? Maybe.  So hop on in, and let’s find what’s cooking inside our invisible bonds with a fresh touch of modernity.