14:00 – 16:00
Grand Hall - Chapter I

Hands-On Manga: Design Your Own 'Name'!


The preliminary sketches that manga artists create before embarking on a full manuscript – commonly referred to as "names" – are the cornerstone blueprints of a manga's creation. These "names," often likened to the architectural framework of manga, wield substantial influence over the overall episode's engagement. The process of sculpting these "names" calls for a diverse skill set, encompassing the arrangement of panels to ensure seamless reading, strategic placement of dialogue bubbles, and the skillful portrayal of characters. During this workshop, Monma-SENSEI (author of "Manchuria Opium Squad") will conduct a lecture delving into the artistry of "names" creation. It's your moment to roll up your sleeves and delve into crafting a name firsthand! 漫画制作体験:漫画の“ネーム”を描いてみよう! 漫画家が原稿に入る前に描く下書き、通称“ネーム”。漫画の設計図とも呼ばれ、ネームの出来がエピソードの面白さを左右すると言っても過言ではない。読みやすいコマ割りや吹き出しの配置、キャラの見せ方など様々な技術が要求される”ネーム”制作に挑戦!ネームの描き方を講義してくださるのは、「満州アヘンスクワッド」の原作者、門馬司先生。絵が上手くなくても心配いりません。奮ってご参加ください!