10:30 – 11:30
Grand Hall

Unveiling the Magic of Storytelling in Japanese Manga Craft


Join us on a fascinating journey into the heart of Japanese manga creation, where the secrets behind this vibrant world come to life. We're thrilled to have Tsukasa Monma, the creative force behind the ongoing hit "Manchurian Opium Squad," along with his trusty editor, Hidemi Shiraki. Get ready to peek behind the curtain as they share the real-deal process, using juicy scenes from the actual work to show you how the story's woven together – straight from both the author's and editor's point of view. 漫画の”物語”が生まれるとき 日本マンガの多彩な世界を生み出す秘密をたどる旅。現在連載中の「満州アヘンスクワッド」の原作者である門馬司氏と担当編集者の白木英美氏をお迎えし、実際の作品からの場面を題材に、どのようにその物語が生まれたのか、原作者と編集者双方の視点から、作品制作の舞台裏に迫ります。