18:15 – 19:00
Mind & Body

Onsen - Men


The onsen is a focal point for the characters' development, allowing a spiritual moment of self-care and reflection. They are highly regarded for their therapeutic properties and are considered sacred places. In Japanese culture, there is a belief in the spiritual and healing powers of water. Onsens are seen as spiritual retreats where individuals can cleanse and rejuvenate not only their physical bodies but also their spirits. When visiting an onsen, there is a ritualistic aspect to the experience. Before entering the hot spring, individuals are required to clean themselves thoroughly in separate washing areas. Onsen visits are often accompanied by a sense of mindfulness and contemplation. The act of soaking in the hot spring waters encourages relaxation and reflection, allowing individuals to connect with their inner selves and find inner peace. It is seen as a time for self-care, introspection, and rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

The Onsen has separate bathing areas for men and women. This one is for men. 


温泉は天然の治療効果が高く評価されているだけではなく、神聖な場所とみなされている。なぜなら日本文化では、水が持つ精神的な癒しの力が信じられているから。肉体だけでなく精神も浄化し、若返らせることができる精神的な隠れ家である温泉。 温泉を訪れる際には、儀式的な側面がある。入る前には、別の洗い場で体をきれいにすることが重要なマナー。温泉に浸かると、心を落ち着きをとりもどし、瞑想的な境地に伴うだろう。温泉に浸かるという行為は、リラックスと内省を促し、自分の内面とつながり、内なる平和を見出すことを可能にする。セルフケア、内省、身体と精神の若返りのための時間なのだ。