Once upon a time, we set sail, looking for the unknown. Looking for ourselves. 

We believed there was an island out there waiting for us and started a journey of self-exploration. We craved growth and shattered our comfort zone, leaving behind everything we knew. 

Over the last two years, we brought the Tribe on this journey and, together, unlocked new views of the world.

And then came 2020. An unexpected year filled with sorrow and adversity. A rollercoaster of chaos that made us rediscover the true meaning of being together. Of being a Tribe.

Stepping away and being forced to pause gave us the clarity of an outsider. 

What you see always depends on where you’re looking from and, from a distance, we could finally see things in a different light.Through the eyes of our inner child, all our blind spots and limitations were replaced by a stream of ideas and boundless possibilities.

In our rearview mirror, we see a new perspective. Now it’s time to go to Portugal and create an experience built on this newfound sense of evolution. Tróia may be the place where everything began, but every quest has a turning point. A moment when you discover unexpected truths. 

Suddenly, we realized: Home was never a place. 

THU 2021 poster by Carlos Grangel

This is a new beginning. A blank canvas. 

One thing is certain: our quest for roots has come to an end. 

The Tribe is our home and the seed of all things, settling deep wherever we go. 


THU2021: A Quest for Roots | Artwork by Carlos Grangel


Poster in hi-res: click here