Over the last seven years, we had the chance to meet top creators and companies across all fields.

One of the most common topics when discussing the obstacles of the industry was storytelling. While creators and top companies recognize storytelling as the backbone of any project or creative endeavor, they all feel that there is a lack of fresh ideas and unique stories. We realized that we had to do something to help our community improve that skill.

THU Japan 2020 was born because the art of telling stories is what sets good creators and great creators apart. From talks with the best storytellers in the world to broccoli picking, and from masterclasses to sake tastings, you are in for the ultimate adventure.

THU Japan 2020 will not resemble the Gatherings or the Main Event. It’s an entirely new concept where we encourage all industries to be creative, using storytelling as a powerful tool to become a better creator and take ideas further.

Is THU Japan 2020 right for me?

If you're a creator looking to improve your storytelling skills, THU Japan 2020 is for you.

THU Japan 2020 is for creators (students & professionals) from all backgrounds who want to learn more about storytelling and how to create and structure their own stories. The goal is to encourage all industries to be creative, using storytelling to take ideas and projects further.

To make sure everyone makes the most out of the event, we created a survey that will tell you if you’re a good fit. You’ll only be able to buy a ticket if you are.

Location & Venue

Away from the stress of the big metropolis, Kaga City will inspire and energize you.

We picked Kaga City as the location for THU Japan 2020 for the Onsens (hot springs), but quickly fell in love with the culture, nature, and traditions with centuries of history.

Our venue is the Arrowle Hotel, and it's where the tribe will unite.

Where to Stay

The best place to stay is our venue: the Arrowle Hotel! Since ubers and cabs are non-existent or a rare sight in Kaga City, we advise you to stay at the place where talks, masterclasses, dinners and other activities will happen.

Other options include nearby hotels such as the Diamond Katayamazu Onsen Society.

We are currently working on getting the best deals for the Tribe, so stay tuned for more information!

How to get there & transportation

The best way to get to Kaga City is by train to Kaga Onsen Station or by plane to Komatsu Airport (KMQ).

The flight from Tokyo is only 60 minutes. Other domestic airports with direct flights are Sendai (65 minutes) and Fukuoka (75 minutes). The airport has bus connections to the city center and Kaga Onsen Station. Most hotels also have bus shuttles to and from the airport.

If you're planning to come by train, Kaga Onsen Station is located in the JR-West rail. Check here for connections from Tokyo, Shin-Osaka and Nagoya stations.

We will provide bus shuttles between Komatsu Airport, Kaga Onsen Station, and the Arrowle Hotel, between May 19-24, inclusive.

Get your ticket: https://japan.trojan-unicorn.com/