If you read Andre's last message to the Tribe, you already have an idea of some of what's coming your way this year at the Main Event. But here's a deeper dive into the shenanigans that await you:

  1. In general: less time indoors (wheeeeee air, trees, freedom!) and more space for everyone!

More specifically:


We've updated the OASIS to help keep people safe. Consider it to be your THU bubble. We have complete control over who goes in and out (so no fear, no strangers allowed!).

  1. There's a new stage at the Oasis (outdoors!)

    • We designed a new stage for the Tribe, where talks and activities will happen (we're cooking up some fun activities...stay tuned for more info soon!).

  2. There's a new food experience at THU with a different payment and reservation system in place to simplify interaction and limit queuing bottlenecks (mmm, tasty and effective).

    • This is a part of a much bigger THU initiative that we're super excited to share with you! You can read more about it here.

  3. Tribe talks

    • For the first time, any attendee can apply to give a talk on the Oasis stage! Those interested just need to sign up with their info and talk idea. Who gets selected to present? The Tribe itself gets to decide that. This is our test run of the initiative. If all goes well, we're looking forward to having it be a part of future editions. (Are you gonna sign-up? Say yes! Say yes! We wanna hear from you :))

  4. Breakfast mentorship at the Oasis (outdoors!)

    • Sign up to join in for coffee, surprises, and nearly 2hrs of conversation with our awesome Knights. (Prepare to have your mind blown)

  5. Outdoor life drawing sessions (and more of them!)

    • We normally only have 1-2hrs a day of drawing sessions, but this year we want to make sure the Tribe can flex their creative muscles with more of these opportunities. (Don't worry, the models won't freeze, we've got cool costume ideas in mind for them)

  6. Happy hour will be at the end of the day instead of midday. That way we'll all be outside by the time alcohol is introduced, allowing for a more relaxed and safe interaction.

  7. A reservation/booking system will be in place for activities that the Tribe needs to sign up for. But don't worry, we're planning lots of activities, so if you miss out on one, there'll be something else you can check out. 

  8. Gallery

    • It's going to be bigger this year to ensure everyone has more space to wander and enjoy these brilliant artists. 

And of course:

  • All rooms will be at most, at 50% capacity.

  • There will be a heat check at all talk and activity entrances.

  • Surfaces will be sanitized before and after each talk and activity.

  • All attendees will be tested again, after arriving in Portugal and prior to arriving in Tróia, so we'll have a THU Tribe bubble we can feel more comfortable in.

Questions, thoughts, comments, a great knock-knock joke? Reach out via [email protected] and let us know. The Main Event is about connecting and supporting you, our Tribe. And we're excited to welcome you back in person soon!