To our fault, we’ve grown beyond the limits of an event and started a fire we simply refuse to contain. But with great aspirations come simple questions, and one we get asked pretty often is: 

What exactly is THU?

We could probably call THU a larger-than-life experience, where artists, creators and companies come together for mutual benefit and, most importantly, personal growth.

That was how it all started, with one single event born out of a purpose to change artists’ careers, perspectives and lives. We created a place where artists were at the front and center of everything instead of companies or logos. Yes, we hosted talks, recruitment sessions, and even workshops, but how we did it was unparalleled, even to this day. We focused on the artists and their craft, and had a hands-on effort to take them out of their comfort zones so we could foster genuine bonding and grow a tribe with soul. 

The thing is, it wouldn’t be fair (or truthful) to state that all of this could be done in over a week - or even expect that the connections made could endure long past the event. We needed to ensure the words exchanged would have a fighting chance outside of our idyllic scenery.

To do all this, we needed to take a very important step back and ask ourselves why we do it. The answer is clear: we do it to solve problems, and every step we take needs to get us closer to a solution.

Creativity is one of humankind’s greatest resources and non-negotiable when it comes to creating a more peaceful and playful future for everyone. This means creators have the ability to change the world, but first, they need to understand their power, find their voice, and realize their potential. So, if anything, our Main Event, as we call it, is exactly that - the Main Event where the spark is ignited with a bang, and the foundations are set.

We were naturally compelled to expand our vision, to create a continuous effort to empower creators and provide them with opportunities through inspiration, education, nurture, and belonging. Our unique experience branched out across the world with our Gatherings and, most recently, our Career Camp, boosting job opportunities where we felt were lacking. The desperate need to raise awareness and recognize talent also led us to the creation of challenges that go beyond any prize, such as Golden Ticket, which focuses on concept art as a way for sustainability, and Sony Talent League, crossing different forms of digital art and supporting the new generation of creators.

On a whole other level, a much deeper and concerning one, our vision relies on everyone having the same opportunities, no matter where you were born, your skin tone, your gender identity,  or sexual preference. But words aren’t enough. We know there’s creativity boiling out of adversity, out of different perspectives, but we also know that creativity needs to be channeled in order to materialize. We want to reach further, and amplify these voices. Voices for change, and forces to be reckoned with in the digital arts industry. That is why we’ve created THU New Voices, to summon the means and to bring together those who own their craft with those who want to learn it. We made it a vital part of everything we do, boosting diversity, equity and inclusion wherever we lay our hands on.

They say it takes a village to raise a child; well, we want to be that village, one of unlimited real estate, charging only our shared mission to empower creators through access to opportunities and inspiration. More than a global brand, or an event, that focuses on technology, art, and creativity, THU is a networking ecosystem that brings together all players in the digital entertainment and interactive industry.

Unfortunately, boxes are the most practical way to get a message across, and if we have to put THU inside one, we are an organization dedicated to the empowerment of creators and the promotion of positive, fair, and sustainable policies in the digital arts industries. 

We take action. And we are grateful to have a community that does, too.