Maggie Malone is Vice President of Animation Film for Netflix, and helps lead the content team responsible for supervising animated features for the company, from inception to script, and through production. She came to Creators Circle as a Master last month in Barcelona (July 13-15), and today she is sharing some insights about her role, struggles, and path. 


What's the best part about your current job as Vice President of Animation Film for Netflix? What are some of the biggest struggles?

Animation is the best industry to work in. I'm not biased, I'm just stating a fact. It's like getting to work daily with folks like-minded with the THU Tribe. It's a fun, curious, collaborative, creative community that is ready to "yes, and...!" anything-- following one of the golden rules of Improv. Juggling the volume of projects is the biggest struggle. It's hard not to get sucked into busywork on the daily. I have to stop and ask, "Wait, am I focused on the right thing?" I also have a 7-year-old daughter. I'm trying to be present while she still wants me around! Every day I have to make peace with 'good enough' across my 'jobs.'


You began your artistic career in Literary Development at the Manhattan Theater Club in New York City and found your way into an Executive position in top companies. What's your biggest business learning so far?

My voice mattered in my middle 20s. Unfortunately, I let folks dismiss me and set the value of my creative contribution based off their assessment. In the long run, it turns out my instincts were pretty great. I'm sorry I didn't trust myself earlier.


While Creators Circle is designed to empower creatives as capable managers and entrepreneurs in the arts, this event is also an excellent opportunity for managers who want to expand their knowledge or set foot in the Creative Industries. Could you elaborate on the benefits that managers can obtain from your participation as a Master?

I want to normalize a humble and low-tech starting point for almost any endeavor. You just need an idea and to take action, step by step. When greatness starts happening, it never feels great. It most often feels random, desperate, and unsexy. If I can reassure just one participant in Creators Circle of that, then maybe they can take the first steps at retreat to start a new business or project that in just a short time will seem to others looking in from the outside brilliant and nearly impossible to achieve.


What excites you about Creators Circle? Can you tell us a bit about what you're bringing to the table?

I'm excited to step out of my own routine, and connect with friends old and new. I'm bringing my journal, and encourage others to do the same!


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