At THU diversity, equity and inclusion isn't just top of mind, it's integral to our DNA. Welcome to New Voices Connecting Perspectives, THU's four-part video series made in collaboration with BRIC Foundation, to raise awareness and amplify the voices of underrepresented groups in the digital entertainment and interactive industry.

During THU Main Event in 2019, we invited a number of remarkable young women from emerging markets, and at different points in their career, to join us, experience THU and share their thoughts and perspectives. In these videos you will hear from four of these talented creatives as they tell us more about their backgrounds, aspirations, challenges and experiences. We'll also learn about their takeaways from attending THU and the impact it's had on them to join this global art community.

Food for thought, a few powerful insights from these young women:

"I have realized that all over the world, all artists face the exact same kinds of challenges. They might be different in scale, but the goal to tell amazing stories, to create great experiences and the challenges that come towards that goal, they're all similar. For everyone."

Maha Abdul Alaam (Pakistan)

"I think there's very little that I can say that people would really understand about my home [country], so I would encourage you to come and see what it's like. It's very different. Even the littlest things are different. Even the grass is different, even the bugs are different."

Aishwarya Bhatkal (India)

"The biggest thing is the stigma to art in Uganda. There's a bit of a stigma, especially for women, because [...] there's a tradition that women have to stay home and take care of their children. And [...] art, it's not work that pays well in Uganda, unless you really made it. I think that's been the one thing that I've really had to overcome."

Ronah Katusiime (Uganda)

"I didn't feel any sense of hierarchy here [...] you can just go and talk to any person you want to. I really didn't expect that. It's really easy, I didn't think it would be this easy to talk to them."

Siddhi Vartk (India)

See below for the first inspiring video and tune in each week to catch the rest of the series. And we'd love for New Voices Connecting Perspectives to jump-start a conversation. Reach out to us on Discord and let's chat about what questions or insights the series prompted for you. And if you know any narratives that you feel should be heard, share it with us. Here's to us staying curious and open as we learn from one another!