When we look at a painting, we often don't realize how much thought and effort is concealed behind each stroke. We judge so freely, without realizing that what we're judging isn’t just colors on a canvas, but a view into someone's life; someone brave enough to show us their soul and reveal their vulnerabilities. Somebody who doesn't see art as an object, but as a living thing. 

Recorded during the gallery masterclasses at the THU Main Event, Beyond the Canvas is a show about art and the artists behind it. We invite you to join us as we explore the minds of five artists: four-time Emmy award-winning Director, Artist, and Animator Alberto Mielgo, known for Disney’s “Tron: Uprising” and Netflix’s “Love, Death & Robots”; Painter Jeremy Mann, represented by galleries worldwide; award-winning Artist Karla Ortiz, known for her design of Doctor Strange for Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”; Artist Nadezda who has contributed to creative projects across various genres: feature film, theatre, illustration, and fine art; and Artist Phil Hale, renowned for the books he illustrated for Stephen King.

In September and October, tune in on Wednesdays for a new episode:

Seeking to better understand other’s thoughts and feelings has the beautiful consequence of helping us better understand our own. Learning how to put yourself in other people’s shoes is a valuable social skill in everyday life that can make you a better professional and, most of all, a better person. After all, art is about emotion. Through these six episodes, leave yourself open to new ways of thinking and feeling. If you’re looking to dig deep into the inner workings of the artistic mind, this series is for you.