To create is to transcend time. Everything you make is a memory that lasts forever. 

Our drawings, paint stained canvas and words can become a part of history, like fragments of ourselves, our passions and our fears. You pour your soul into a craft, and make humanity come alive. 

But legacy is more than that. It’s not about grand gestures, fame or success. It’s about what we do for each other, the love we share, and our selfless acts of empathy. 

We achieve immortality through the impact we have on others. So be kind. Be inspiring. Be rebellious. Be compassionate. Be everlasting. 

Legacy is carving our names in other people’s lives, leaving an impression on their hearts and minds, and becoming a part of their story. As little as they may be, your actions can shape lives and spread beyond your lifetime.

And the magic you make will always live on. Because legacy is not shaped by seconds, minutes, or hours. It’s an impact with the power to shape entire generations and mark a decade. It’s history being born. 

We carry the legacy. 

We are everlasting.


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Poster Artist: Marc Simonetti