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Talent League

  • 応募は無料ですか?

  • タレントリーグへの応募資格は?

  • 同じ地域からのメンバーが複数いても大丈夫ですか?

  • 応募プロジェクトの知的財産権は誰に帰属しますか?

  • 登録後、チーム代表者がエントリーの地域を変更することはできますか?

  • 参加チームは、居住地を証明する書類を提出する必要がありますか?

  • 応募したプロジェクトに関して、フィードバックをもらうことはできますか?

  • 質問がある場合、誰に連絡すればよいですか?

  • Who do I contact if I have existential questions?

Watch THU videos

  • Where can I watch THU videos?

  • Where can I find the THU TV content now?

  • I had bought THU TV Volumes, what do I do now?

Attend THU Events

  • How can I attend THU Japan?

  • When and where does the Main Event take place?

  • How can I attend THU Career Camp?

Main Event

  • How does paying in installments work?

  • Is there a refund policy on the ticket?

  • What does the THU ticket include?

  • Is there any info about lodging in your website?

  • Where should I look for accommodation?

Recruitment Sessions

  • What does the Recruitment participation fee include?

  • Where and how does the candidate's selection process work?

  • What's the schedule and duration of the interviews?

  • Should we bring our own promotional material or swag/goodies to keep at the booth?

Participate in Challenges

  • Golden Ticket Challenge

  • Sony Talent League by THU

Career Camp 2023

  • Is Career Camp for me?

  • I’ve just applied for a ticket through the website. When will I know if I’m in?

  • How does the application process work?

  • Can I apply to job and mentorship opportunities, and portfolio reviews during the event days?

  • Are all Career Camp activities subject to an application?

  • How do I know when new opportunities come up?

  • Can companies limit the number of applications they want to receive?

  • Why do I have pending applications?

  • Yey! My application has been approved. What's next?

  • Why can't I book my approved applications?

  • Will Recruiters and Mentors open up slots for everyone?

Sony Talent League edition III

  • What is Sony Talent League?

  • Can I join in multiple submissions?

  • What other criteria is taken into consideration by the judges?

  • Can I use someone else’s creative material?

  • Can other team members join in later in the process?

Creators Circle 2023

  • Who is Creators’ Circle for?

  • What do I get for an Event + food & drinks ticket?

  • What do I get for an all-inclusive ticket?

  • What’s the schedule like?

  • What's the meal schedule?

  • Can you help with the visa letter?

THU Japan 2023

  • THU Japanはどんな人向けですか?

  • イベントのオフィシャル言語は?

  • なぜ加賀で開催されるのですか?

  • チケットには何が含まれますか?

  • 分割払いはできますか?

  • チケットを購入しました。ホテルの予約の仕方は?また、どこに滞在するべきですか?

  • 払い戻し

  • ビザレターについて

  • 新型コロナウイルス関連の質問

  • スケジュールについて

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