The Recruitment at THU Main Event is a land of opportunities where recruiters from some of the best companies in the industry look for talent from different fields and levels of seniority. We already announced a few names for this year’s edition, and you can keep an eye out for new names.

During THU2018, Lip Comarella decided to apply to Netflix Animation, boosting the trajectory of his creative path. This is his story, but it could also be yours.


What is your current job role and what are you currently working on?

Presently, I'm in my fifth year as an Art Director at Netflix, a position i have now held for 5 years over several projects (previously AD at Feature and Adult Animation, now Games). Currently I am leading a small unit developing successful Netflix IPs into narrative Game formats.


What was your THU Recruitment experience like?

Throughout the years, I've engaged in multiple recruitment sessions at THU, forging enduring connections with both creative minds and recruitment teams. In 2018, while pursuing leadership roles at Netflix Animation, I was offered a relocation opportunity to the US, marking a pivotal moment in my career journey.


"My overall experience was very positive, a clear definer of my current career I must admit. Kudos to the team, making it as close as ideal as you can make a recruitment session with high volume of candidates wanting to meet Industry leading brands and Studios."

Lip Comarella


Why did you choose THU Recruitment out of many different recruiting opportunities out there? What sets THU apart?

Clearly, THU is set apart by its environment and atmosphere. Both the vacation like mood and picturesque surrounding allows for a very special human-to-human interaction between attendees and Recruiting Studios.
Additionally, probably a personal aspect for me, there is a level of basic genuine trust you grant to every studio you meet at THU, if André and his team thinks they are legit, then they likely are.


In what ways does THU Recruitment go beyond simply connecting employers with potential candidates?

Besides the recruitment sessions casually talking to the Creatives over a beer during THU offers massive hiring potential on top of the dedicated sessions - Something only a multi day immersive festival with social games, art challenges and evening activities can offer.


"This setting offers a unique platform for studios to identify not just artistic prowess but also compatible personalities — a crucial aspect I prioritize in my current hiring endeavors."

Lip Comarella


Thank you, Lip!