Maureen Fan

United States

Maureen Fan is CEO & Co-Founder of 9-time Emmy-award winning and leading independent interactive animation studio Baobab Studios, whose mission is to "Bring out your sense of wonder. Inspire you to dream. Make YOU matter.” To date, Baobab has released 8 pieces to commercial and critical acclaim.


Maureen is the CEO and co-founder of Baobab Studios, a 9x Emmy-winning leading independent animation studio that has released story franchises Invasion!, Asteroids!, Jack, Crow: The Legend, Bonfire, Baba Yaga and Namoo all to commercial and critical acclaim.

Baobab’s story universes are being turned into films (Disney), series on premium streamers (Disney+, HBO Max), books (Penguin Random House, MacMillan), and games (Oculus, Roblox, Web3). Baobab’s projects have attracted talent such as Oprah, John Legend, Ali Wong, and more. Named Fast Company's 2018 Most Innovative Company, Baobab’s investors and board include Ed Catmull (Pixar co-founder and former President of Disney), Kevin Lin (Twitch co-founder), Disney, Comcast, and Shari Redstone (chairwoman of Viacom). 

Maureen is Zynga veteran where she led as VP of Games overseeing the “FarmVille's” (40% of the company’s revenues, 120 million MAU), birthing the casual social games revolution. Previous other notable roles include production on Pixar's “Toy Story 3” and the Oscar-nominated "The Dam Keeper”. 

A thought leader for technology and entertainment convergence, she's keynoted on the main stage of TechCrunch Disrupt, Web Summit, F8, SxSW, DICE, E3, GDC, and Oculus Connect. She is a juror for the Emmys for the interactive category, a council member for the World Economic Forum for the VR/AR and metaverse councils, and council member of Fast Company's Impact Council. She graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School and Phi Beta Kappa with a BS from Stanford University.