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The base of the project is a 6-11 animated show that follows Mosi Morgan, an 11-year-old Black, Pakistani New Yorker, as he moves from NYC to his mother's secret, privately-owned hometown of Knowhere, USA where everyone is considered a global expert in their field. Mosi must figure out how an ordinary kid like himself can ever fit in among so many extraordinary citizens. Each episode follows Mosi and his friends Pippa (a bio-engineer, fashion genius who creates her own high-tech robotic prosthetics inspired by her own limb difference) and Archie (a kid with nerves of jello) as they make their way around town to interview a new Knowherian each week and try not to be killed/save the town by whatever scientific experiment, art piece, or virtual reality their subject is currently working on. The show would be an over-the-top adventure and the paired game would weave the as-insane breakthroughs happening in the real world as clues and elements to reaching the next level. Each week, as a new episode airs, the game would unlock an area of the town based on the episode for the players to explore, play through, and learn from real-life experts and change-makers in non-interactive and interactive dialogue exchanges and play. The future of what education looks like is in tech and, by providing fun, narrative-based games, we can be a leading force in that new wave. Plus, we have the opportunity to build more diversity across the board for the upcoming generations in STEAM.