For many of us (sorry Southern Hemisphere peeps, you know we love you too!) May is a season of awakenings. Buds are beginning to bloom, the sun has come out to play, and we and our animal friends are slowly emerging from nature-induced or self-imposed hibernation. It's a time of renewed hope, light, and new beginnings. What art evokes the word "spring" for you? Let us know by sharing on Discord or by emailing us at [email protected]

To whet your appetite, we polled the THU team for a few staff picks:

Sprightly, uplifting classical music, such as the opening to Beethoven's Symphony No 6 (Pastoral) in F Op 68:

Watercolour paintings of sakura and plum blossoms, like this one from Dong Shouping:

Colorful and cheerful scenery in animated films, such as those seen in My Neighbor Totoro (Studio Ghibli):

and "Pig - The Dam Keeper Poems" by Tonko House:

Paper sculpture/art, like the beautiful work of Megan Tindle:

Blooming colours, like the way Tiffanie Mang uses colour in her little canvas painted openair:

At THU, we understand that inspiration comes from a variety of sources, across a number of different mediums. Join the conversation and let us know what art is inspiring your spring this year. We look forward to sharing some of the responses we receive :)