It's been quite the year. Quite the couple of years, actually. And with the definition of "normal" constantly changing, being adaptive has become the standard. So, we thought it was time to ask. How are you feeling? No, seriously. How are you doing with all this? Take a moment to yourself and wait to hear your inner voice answer. There is no right or wrong response, just what's true for you right now. And there's power in acknowledging that.

Gone are the days that we open video conference calls checking in with one another on our state of being, fewer are the days that we reach out to friends at random and ask if they're holding up ok. As things open up slowly across the world, life has started resuming its busy pace. We're going through the motions, one foot in front of the other, but there's something to be said about recovery taking time. We're here to tell you that it's ok to not feel ok yet. That post-pandemic induced social anxiety is a thing. And that you're not alone.

  • Feeling anxious being around people again? Be kind to yourself and do what feels comfortable. There's no magical timeframe in which you're meant to feel at ease after all this time apart. Take small steps and celebrate the wins, there's no need to rush. 
  • Feeling lonely? Reach out. You've got a Tribe full of beautiful souls eager to hear, inspire and understand you. Whether you want to join a conversation on Discord, get your comment-on in FB, or reach out via email, we're here. Always. 
  • Feeling restless? Go outside and activate all your senses - mindfully experiencing what's going on in the world around you, bringing yourself back into the now. A change of scenery and fresh air can make a world of difference. 
  • Feeling creatively blocked? Listen to a different type of music, go for a run or do something physical, close your eyes and draw for 10 seconds then make something out of the scribbles. Shake yourself out of the everyday and see what comes of it. You've got this.

And for those of you returning from the Main Event in Tróia, we've got you too. Happiness hangovers - the crash that comes after a great vacation, inspiring life event, uplifting conference? Yes, it's real. And yes, it's rough. Being around friends, family, inspiring conversations, community and the sense of belonging that comes with it, is incredible! But returning to everyday life, work, routine afterwards...that can be quite a shock to the system. What can you do to lessen the blow? Channel your energy into action: 

  • Missing people? Reach out to them on the socials: ping your friends old and new and pick up the conversation where you left off in person. Relationships aren't built in a day, take the time and invest in the people you care about.
  • Keep the inspiration going: schedule something fun or thought-provoking to look forward to. And ideally, hold yourself accountable to go through with it by inviting a friend: museum visit, online workshop, walk around town, the options are endless. 
  • Leverage the momentum: had a brilliant idea that was really picking up speed now that you bounced it off the Tribe? Cool! Strike while the iron is hot, create a plan of action, get others onboard, hone your idea and run with it.
  • Give yourself a touchpoint. A ticket stub, a lanyard, a mug, a photo, anything can suit the purpose, as long as it's meaningful to you. Position it somewhere that'll catch your eye. So, when you're feeling a bit low or unmotivated, you can look up, see it, remember inspiring moments and get reinvigorated. Focus on the positives - all that you learned and experienced. And know that we live in a state of abundance. There is more of that out there, right now, at this very moment. You just have to make the effort and welcome it in.
  • And remember, not every day will be as action-packed as it had been at an event, but let's be honest, nor would you want it to be. So, find a happy medium, building on the experiences you had and integrating kernels of that into your every day. It's just a question of getting creative. And we know you've got that skill covered already ;)

We're all in this together. One Tribe united by passion, fears, interests, and hope. And we're building this life together. So let's keep talking and sharing, long after an event wraps, long after a pandemic subsides. Together we are the spark that lights this bright future.