One of the key concepts we often discuss at THU is something we call Farm to Mind: a way to inspire creation and artistic expression through the element of food. We’re not talking about food as the finished product, although that might be its most distinctive feature at first glance. But no. We are talking about the overall cycle that delivers an experience far greater than the sum of all parts.

Food heightens the senses as much as it sustains the body, and for all of that to take place, we have a duty towards ourselves, the Tribe, and the world to create it sustainably and healthily. Our Main Event will showcase our care towards this element and the experience it delivers, from the menu our Chef envisioned to the partners we’ve surrounded ourselves with.

All of this is Farm to Mind. Fuel for the senses, sharing opportunities, and sustainable hedonism.

Speaking of sustainable hedonism, this year, we’ve brought Estrella Damm on board as our Farm to Mind partner, one of the world’s leading beer companies, leading the way for eco-friendly practices in the industry. Their carton comes from bio-responsible forests (100% biodegradable) and they got rid of everything plastic, with 100% recyclable bottles. 

At THU2022, you’ll not only be able to taste their great line of beers, available throughout the whole event, but you’ll also have the chance to pair it with a careful selection of food in our first ever organized beer experience. Even if you aren’t a beer person, we dare you to be a part of it.

That being said, the wine will also be a big part of our Farm to Mind branch during this year’s event. Caminhos Cruzados has joined us in this endeavor to nurture minds through gastronomic means, offering us their unique selection of Portuguese Dão wines, made from grapes of their production and selected producers, recognized for their quality and excellence of grape varieties. 

Caminhos Cruzados also shares a concern for the environment and actively participates in building sustainability. From their bond with the surrounding communities to the ancient techniques used to preserve the soil, nothing is left to chance when it comes to safeguarding the very thing that makes their wines unique - people and their environment.

Get ready to experience album listenings with a curated selection of wines, a workshop to understand the flavors better, as well as food pairings you wouldn’t imagine could work out so well.

The Farm to Mind experience at the Main Event is known for its tasty options where mindful eating is encouraged. This year we’ll have more vegan options and new food concepts developed by our Chefs! For us, some of the highlights of this year’s menu includes the jaca sandwich (a favorite of André, our founder!), swordfish, vegan noodles, and, if you’re craving something sweet, you can have a vegan brownie with salted caramel sauce (I had a spiritual awakening when I first tasted it).

This menu was crafted with the whole Tribe’s needs in mind, and it was developed with local farmers and certified suppliers. 

We hope this edition of THU feeds your passion and nourishes your creativity!