Hey Tribe, André here. 

2022 marks another year of change for THU, like all the previous ones. But this year, it was a different type of change: less turbulent, more mature. We sailed through the motions with almost a decade of experience in our sails. I knew where I wanted to go and what made sense, despite the sense of utopia that has always guided THU. Some call it a “rose-colored glasses” vision. Still, I call it my life’s mission: to build a community of creators where everyone helps each other and builds each other up, celebrating the successes and catching the falls of fellow community members. 

The last nine years were not easy. There was a lot of survival mode, a strong “powering through” mentality, and a chameleonic sense of reinventing ourselves repeatedly, rising from the ashes without ever losing our soul. Some call it a miracle that we’re still alive and kicking; to be honest, it is. I want to help the world recognize how important the creative industries are, and I know it can help build a better society, and that’s what moves me. 

But today, we’re proud to have a strong community of unique people from more than 180 countries. The question we always ask them is, “how can THU help?” and the answer is always different: we’ve built new events, new projects, partnered up with companies who believe in the Tribe… Every year something new is born from wanting to help and answering your needs. 

This year, we asked again: How can we help?

We heard everyone, and some of the most recurring answers were about creators feeling lost during the year (especially the younger ones) and struggling to figure out the next steps when they have an idea or project with potential. There was also the issue of senior creators wanting to learn more but feeling like there are not a lot of initiatives catered to them. 

After a lot of thought, we reached the conclusion that this answer would come with an essential step for growth for THU, and one of the most important changes in our path so far: the THU Main Event will now happen once every two years, which means there will be no 2023 edition and it will return in 2024

I know you have a strong connection with the main event, and it was not an easy decision for us as well, but we’re asking you to come on this journey with us and embrace this change. THU started as just an event, and we tried to use it to solve every problem and help everyone, but we quickly realized that one week a year is not enough and have been trying ever since to make sure that THU is there for creators all year round. Next year, we want to take this a step further. But, due to resources and time, we can’t create new events & projects and still host the main event. 

 We need to do more, and we want to give you new tools to empower you. That’s why in 2023:

  • We’re launching a new event: THU Creators Circle (13-15 July, in Barcelona). This new event has a global mission: building a new generation of entrepreneurs, with a focus on women leadership. It will be an intensive and immersive learning experience where the worlds of art and business come together. You’ll be able to network, improve your pitching skills, learn how to get investment and raise funds to get an idea off the ground, learn about the production process, get business development & marketing insights, and more! News coming soon. 
  • THU Career Camp will have two editions instead of one to boost your career, figure out the next steps, and improve your portfolio. Our free virtual career development event is back with a Spring edition in April and a Fall Edition in November! 
  • The first edition of THU Japan is coming in September to Kaga City. THU Japan is storytelling event that will gather creative legends for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, that will unleash their purest creative instinct and spark new stories. When we say “once-in-a-lifetime”, we mean it: participants will only be able to attend it once. Ever. 
  • Golden Ticket is returning, so you can get the chance to be a part of THU Japan with all expenses paid! 

We’ll share more news about these projects soon, so keep an eye out! We know this is a lot to take in, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’d like, reach out and talk to us and find out how to get involved. 

As the holiday season approaches, I also wanted to take a moment to express how much I appreciate the hard work and creativity you bring to our Tribe. Your talent and passion are what makes THU such a special and inspiring community, and I am grateful to be a part of it with you. I hope 2023 is kind to you and brings you joy, peace, and lots of opportunities to share your talents with the world. 

Happy holidays, Tribe! 

-André Luis.