If you've been to a THU event, you probably noticed how much thought we put into the food experience. That's because I'm a huge believer that food brings people together, and, as a result, I always made sure to have moments where the Tribe gathers the same way families do for dinner at the end of a long day. 

We all know the impact that food has on bodies, minds, and the planet, but our day-to-day sometimes make us create habits that are not the best. It's time to stop underestimating the toll that our routines are taking on us and claim our power as consumers. It's in our hands to change these habits and build a better world, making a difference when it comes to our health and sustainability. 

And how exactly can we change our habits, you ask? Well, keep reading.

First of all, I have to say that promoting a new mindset has not been an easy process. Year after year, I tried to do something new using our existing facilities and looking for partners that could implement our ideas. In 2015, I managed to create a place that could have the "Tribe's family dinner table" atmosphere that I wanted for so long: the Oasis. Over the years, we had so many food options: sushi, pizza, burgers, burritos, vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean food...You name it. I was always concerned about selecting the best vendors, the best wine, and the best coffee. Still, I never managed to do what I really wanted: to create a unique experience from scratch for the Tribe, where I could focus on getting the best of everything and also try to have the best for the environment. 

During THU2019, I realized I needed to get up the courage to take a step forward and make gastronomy an official part of our event's program to promote sustainability and a healthier lifestyle among our community. 

And thus, THU Farm to Mind was born. 

THU Farm to Mind is an initiative that encourages creators to improve their eating habits, fueling a sustainable lifestyle and celebrating how food can nourish our creativity. We are proud to embrace this as part of the THU culture and mission and encourage our Tribe to do the same. The impact of this initiative is up to each and every one of us - by changing your eating behaviors, you are doing more than you give yourself credit for: you are joining us in this mission to change the world. 

Farm to Mind started to take shape in June 2020, and at this year's edition of the Main Event, attendees will be able to experience the first gastronomy concepts. We'll be testing these new concepts in the Oasis, considering how the daily flow of the event and each mealtime affect our needs and cravings. Oh, and for those of you reading this and immediately thinking, "does this mean we'll only have healthy options and have to eat salads for six days at the event?" the short answer is no. You'll have plenty of delicious options for every mood, from burgers and pastries to vegetable-based bowls, salads, and wraps. It's all about promoting mindful eating and prioritizing locally sourced ingredients.

The last year and a half of working to make Farm to Mind a reality has been an adventure. Besides working on the experience and testing everything tirelessly, we also started mapping and selecting farmers. 2023 will mark THU's tenth anniversary, and I must say I'm proud to be launching this project and reach this milestone before then. We still have a long way to go, but we're learning more and more every day and are happy to be working towards something that will have such a significant impact on the Tribe's life and the planet. We also want to make social inclusion a part of Farm to Mind's impact, collaborating with local gastronomy and hospitality schools to integrate special needs students. 

One of the things I love the most about this new project is knowing that, for most, this is an unlikely combination of three distinct universes: agriculture, gastronomy, and the digital entertainment industry. For us, they are just different pieces of the same puzzle. They may have contrasting colors and distinct shapes, but they all fit perfectly together in the end. 

To those wondering what the heck THU has to do with food, farming, and sustainability, my answer is pretty simple - "everything." THU was never just about digital art. We were always about our community first - and our community can only be creative, do incredible things, and succeed if they learn how to take care of themselves in the first place. 

There are many ways to fuel creativity, and food is a universal language that the whole Tribe can use to get together, connect, and make choices that will have a lasting positive impact on themselves and the planet. I can't wait to speak this language with all of you and start this journey together! 

-André Luis