We're at the beginning of an exciting adventure, so to kick things off, we asked the teams for their gut-reactions to the following questions. Dilruba's candid responses shed awesome light on what she's hoping for out of this mentorship.

1. What are you hoping to get from this mentorship?

Growing some creative balls and becoming a more confident storyteller. I see this as my opportunity to nurture this skill, and connect with other creatives who are keen to exchange the joys of making marks and using tools. People are connecting to what I have to say so I want to really understand the emotions, roots and instincts at play here. I want the mentorships to help me see what works, and guide me in terms of moving with intention and clarity in leading this project.

2. What do you think you'll struggle with the most?

Project management, this is the first time I’m leading like this and I’m bringing folks that haven’t collaborated on a project together before. I would like to work on managing my time so I can encourage them to pour their efforts into this in a way that is fun, productive and efficient. I think play will be the strength of this project and it has been thus far, so building up some management muscles will hopefully only make our playtime as a team more valuable.

3. What do you think you'll enjoy the most?

Opening this project up to other creatives. So far gathering tools was a very solo experience for me, and something I would be sharing with only those close to me. Now there is an incredible opportunity to learn and grow with others by spreading the word and seeking the strings of a community. Seeing what others will create using new tools they made inspired by their findings will be the ultimate feel-good moment. Already one of my mentors has been playing with the brushes and it is so badass to see.

4. What do you think will be the most surprising/unexpected part of this experience?

All of it if I'm honest. It’s already been awe-inspiring how much exchange and learning is possible over these Google Hangouts in just 2 weeks. Everybody's distant but keen to grow and support each other. I didn’t imagine THU was this loving, and solid a community holding up creatives and empowering them with so much dedication.