The most stressful week of our entire STL adventure. We felt like it was the beginning when we were just days away from turning in a teaser and a video pitch. We had been working in synergy, pulling all-nighters. With only a few hours to go before the final prototype was due, we were still improving some of the sequences and at the same time we were worried about not sending our file in on time (which could cost us a disqualification, we thought about that really). We wanted to keep our promise to deliver a teaser + a pitch and we managed to do it. We found an alternative way to transition from live action to 3D to 2D and we were proud to have a prototype. 
We were lucky to have Scot in the last week to finish the sound part of our teaser and everything went well. It was really magical !!!!! 
Thanks to all the STL 3 mentors, especially our mentors, the THU team and all our fellow finalists.